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iPhone : More importantly, our NATO MEMBER ALLY, TURKEY, is the enemy and USA TROOPS handed city of Manbij to RUSSIA! This is upside down. ERDOGAN shld hv been checked when he messed w/elections in Turkey. Reoccurring theme, author, Author! #Resist ✌️ twitter.com/stephenking/st…

iPhone : "I swore an oath to my job as senator to do my duty. This president has violated his. I will do mine." —Cory on impeachment at #DemDebate

iPhone : Couple of questions I’d like answered:
1) Who paid off Brett Kavanaugh’s hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt?
2) How does Rudy Giuliani pay for all that alimony?

iPhone : Ron Vara thinks you’ve “got to be nuts to eat Chinese food.” He doles out little scraps of wisdom, like “Don’t play checkers in a chess world.”

He's a staple in books by Trump's key China advisor, Peter Navarro. He also doesn't exist.


iPhone : ‘Arrest and detain Giuliani right now’: Critics demand a perp-walk for Rudy after his subpoena refusal – Raw Story#PerpWalkRudy #ArrestRudynow #LockHimUp #LockRudyUp
#LOCKRUDYUP rawstory.com/2019/10/arrest…

iPhone : I dont know why MSNBC NBCUniversal cut away but Watch the WHOLE Thing. Schiff lays out some important things.
Pelosi said, "We are not here to call their Bluff, we are here to protect the rule of Law and the Constitution..."
#DemPressConference twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi/…

iPhone : TONIGHT: HansNichols says the line across the White House is that they will not cooperate with subpoenas. #MTPDaily

“What we may test crucially with John Bolton is what happens if the former WH employee does want to testify.

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iPhone : MSNBC I was interviewed on French TV after the non-vote on resolution re:Iraq. France wanted tourist dollars back. I said then, what I say today—why should we do less for the KURDS facing genocide, than we’d do for any other targeted people? Saddam had banned chem weapons.