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Bio d@w produces media & live events to expose capitalism’s systemic problems & to show how democratizing our workplaces solves them. Co-founded by @profwolff
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TweetDeck : "Old criticisms of capitalism [&] the older socialism's tended to neglect the transformations inside the workplace that were needed to make a transition from capitalism to something better happen."
Richard D. Wolff

Twitter Web App : We are proud to be partnering with @Means_tv , the world's first worker-owned, post-capitalist streaming service. You can now also watch our show #EconomicUpdate with Richard D. Wolff on MeansTV along with a lot of other great left content!…

TweetDeck : In the latest episode of #AllThingsCoop , Larry, Cinar, and Kevin talk about the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers. Who were they, from where did their principles come, & why does it matter?

Listen to it here or on your favorite podcast player.

TweetDeck : This week on #EconomicUpdate Richard D. Wolff responds to a criticism that d@w focuses too much on the transition from capitalist firms to worker co-ops & discusses the broader social changes necessary to sustain a worker co-op based economy.

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TweetDeck : The long term problem is that compound growth cannot go on forever. We are reaching this decision point where the continuity of human life is threatened by the need to ensure the continuity of endless capital reproduction

David Harvey

TweetDeck : The banks in New York, or London, or Paris have every interest in lending at high rates of interest to governments in the third world.
Richard D. Wolff on #EconomicUpdate

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TweetDeck : TheSELC Partners for Dignity & Rights (Formerly NESRI) Beneficial State Fdn U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) Demos NYC NOWC SustainUS Movement Generation Soulardarity The Pathways to a #PeoplesEconomy toolkit, developed by NEC members, amplifies on-the-ground new economy policy wins & provides tools to advance:

✊🏽 worker ownership
🏡 community-controlled housing
💸 financial justice
🌎 climate justice

Get the tools:

TweetDeck : A recent episode of #CapitalismHitsHome w/ Dr. Fraad was quoted in this piece in Salon

"To make that much money off of other people's labor by giving people less & taking more for yourself, you have to lose compassion for those other people..."

TweetDeck : Updates on Trumps 2019 $1 trillion+ deficit, interview Karen Ranucci (Center for Critical Thought) & Rob Robinson ( Left Forum ) on their programs & their collaboration, and more on the latest
#EconomicUpdate w/ Richard D. Wolff

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TweetDeck : "What happened to Detroit? The flip-side of uneven development: from being a boom lifted up from the 1930s to the 80s, let's say, they became the story of disaster... That's uneven development within a capitalist framework."  

Richard D. Wolff

TweetDeck : In the latest #AntiCapitalistChronicles David Harvey breaks down how capitalism works & why it is important to examine the long-run evolution of capital that inevitably make it unsustainable.



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TweetDeck : Richard D. Wolff explains how capitalisms uneven development affects our willingness to help others on the latest #EconomicUpdate

The anxiety, born of capitalism, that if you have something and people who dont get some itll be at your expense.

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TweetDeck : Are we really built for democracy at work? Cinar & Kevin discuss an article on political psychologists thesis that human beings are not designed for democracy & that democracy is destined for failure in right wing authoritarianism.

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TweetDeck : What happened with Jeffrey Epstein? How and why it could this happen? Where is justice?

Join Dr. Fraad & Julianna Forlano for a special #CapitalismHitsHome event - Epstein: A Capitalist Saga.

TOMORROW, Feb 12 in NYC. Get more info here:

TweetDeck : This week Richard D. Wolff gives an intro to capitalisms systematically uneven economic development resulting in heavy social costs which then become bases for arguing the need to move beyond capitalism.

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TweetDeck : This Feb 12 in NYC, join
Dr. Fraad, host of #CapitalismHitsHome , & radio and tv personality Julianna Forlano for a special CHH event about what happened with Jeffrey Epstein, how and why it could happen and the question of justice.

Get more info here: