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iPhone : #vss365

Dear Diary

the cafe’s become a hipster haven
They love my bespoke coffee

I use the first 2 seconds of the espresso stream, and the last 2 seconds

Nothing from the mainstream

3 shots to keep them extra woke

Chef made a filled brioche for them

He calls it the Man Bun

iPhone : In a bout
Of weakness
Gave safe #haven
To the dark

A droll
& dreadful tenant
It soon after
Ate my heart

Forced to live
A hollow man
My lonely days
Are marked

In retrospect
Should not have trusted
From the start

So I leave
A warningβ€”
Give no refuge
To the dark

iPhone : It's the middle of the night
I stare blankly at my life

the darkness depresses
feels claustrophobic

sadly like my life
it must be endured

until I learn my lessons
than I can stand

in the light unashamed.

#vsspoem #vss365 #poetry