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Bio The DESI Survey will measure the properties of Dark Energy using a survey of 30+ million galaxy redshifts.
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Twitter Web Client : PROGRESS: Heres the DESI focal plane with 7 of the 10 petals installed. You are looking at the input end of 3,500 positioners!

📷 by Robert Besuner

More info: In the foreground is one of the guiders. The red wedges are panels where the next petals will be inserted.

Twitter Web Client : At the DESI Survey collaboration meeting this week. DESI is installing a new spectrograph that will observe ~35 million galaxies and quasars to map out the expansion history and structure of the Universe. It will start taking its first spectra later this year -- so exciting!

Twitter Web Client : ✨New feature in the public sky viewer✨:

Clicking on NGC/IC galaxies will open the Wikipedia page if it exists for a given galaxy!

See for example beautiful NGC 4651 (also known as the Umbrella Galaxy):…

Twitter Web Client : ✨With our latest DESI imaging data release (DR8) -- which includes over 1.6 billion galaxies, quasars, and stars -- we launched a public viewer to browse the sky!


Have fun exploring at

Twitter Web Client : In this #HubbleClassic, the light from distant galaxies is being bent & stretched by gravity into weird arcs and shapes, including one that looks like an invading space alien. Check out Hubble pictures of this gravitational lensing phenomenon at:

Twitter Web Client : 🔭 Sky surveys conducted in Chile and Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Arizona, help prepare for the startup of @DESIsurvey – DESI will map the universe in 3D and help us learn more about #darkenergy. Full story 👉🏽 #KPNO LBNL Physics Division

Twitter Web Client : 980 nights, 3 telescopes, 2 continents, OVER 1 BILLION GALAXIES! Collection of sky surveys sets the stage for DESI, the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument 🔭 @DESIsurvey @LBNLPhysics #KPNO

Twitter Web Client : There is a DESI Collaboration meeting taking place at Berkeley Lab this week. Stay tuned for some exciting updates as we keep getting closer to spectroscopy first light and commissioning! A few milestones ahead of us as we get ready to solve mysteries about #darkEnergy

Twitter Web Client : Shown in the pictures are in the installation crew from France/Berkeley/Mayall: Erwann Aubernon, Paul Demmer, John Donaldson, Julien Guy, Patrick Jelinsky, Caroline Lahonde-Hamdoun, Christophe Magneville, Robert Stupak, not in pic Jerry Edelstein.

Twitter Web Client : Today marks a major milestone with the installation of the sixth spectrograph at Kitt Peak, which is the min acceptable configuration. Four more to go!

Pics: lift of the sixth & now nearly endless sea of spectrographs & cryostats in two rows (top & bottom) of the rack - M. Levi

Twitter Web Client : .Hubble caught a curious galaxy moving a little closer to us. Because our universe is expanding, almost all of the galaxies we see in the universe are moving away from the Milky Way. Messier 90, however, appears to be a rare exception. More: