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Bio The DESI Survey will measure the properties of Dark Energy using a survey of 30+ million galaxy redshifts.
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Twitter Web Client : This cool contraption is for the installation of the DESI Survey focal plane system onto the optical corrector.

The purpose of this impressive amount of steel is to install each of the super delicate Petals of 500 fiber positioners with extraordinary precision.

Twitter Web Client : This is the first test for the wide-field corrector len system for DESI, which increases the field-of-view of the 4m Mayall Telescope by ~15x.

Looks good so far, and soon they'll put on the 5000 fiber positioner robots that will feed a bank of spectrographs to map the Universe!…

Twitter Web Client : 🔭 Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument’s lenses see the night sky for the first time DESI Survey NOAO #DESI

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Twitter Web Client : The last night was clear and calm and dark. --Robert Blum

It was our LAST NIGHT of imaging, leading to the completion of the DESI imaging Legacy Surveys✨🔭

🎉 Huge congrats to the imaging teams! 🎉

See our very last image below.

Twitter Web Client : In honor of both #TBT and #ValentinesDay2019... in 2017, I spent #ValentinesDay observing at NOAOs 4-meter Mayall telescope as we were preparing for the DESI Survey!

(Disclaimer: not so many photons were captured that particular night, but I had many other great nights)

Twitter Web Client : Terry Bridges Thanks!
Assembly of the 5000 fiber postioners started June 2017 (built up from their various subcomponents: miniature motors, gear boxes, bearing cartridges, custom machined parts & circuit boards). After testing, we began installing them into the wedge shaped petals in Oct 2017.

Twitter Web Client : Installed on the LSST Astronomy camera, the filter exchange system will handle 30in-diameter filters weighting around 88 pounds. A true technological achievement for this ultra stable mechanism designed to avoid any damage to the filters, even in case of strong earthquakes.

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Twitter Web Client : Celebrate the women behind the periodic table! 👩🏽‍🔬👩🏾‍🔬👩🏼‍🔬 Here are just a few of the amazing female scientists and researchers who revolutionized our understanding of the elements.… #IYPT2019 #WomenInSTEM Nature News & Comment

Twitter Web Client : Further information on the first (left) picture: "John Mourelatos is holding the last positioner to be installed. It's a two person job, Ian Heetderks is just off screen."