Ducks Can Resist Too 🌊🍑🐱🦆🏳️‍🌈💙#EqualityAct (@dhershiser )

Ducks Can Resist Too 🌊🍑🐱🦆🏳️‍🌈💙#EqualityAct

Bio Mom of 2 daughters. I will fight for them! We will NOT return to the dark ages! #OneVoice1, pro-choice, global warming is real, Resist, gun control, #metoo #Z3
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iPhone : The chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security has called for an investigation into a $400 million border wall contract awarded this week to North Dakota-based Fisher Sand and Gravel, a company Trump personally urged military officials to hire.…

iPhone : Hey listen up you bunch of complicit MORONS they are going to impeach that poor excuse for a president it's because he tried to bribe a foreign Government !
MSNBC analyst shreds GOP claim impeachment is an effort to change the 2016 election…

iPhone : This I know -

Each of us has a conscience. We are individuals with messages of our own. We bring unique voices to the game. We are diverse, no design alike. We Resist because we must.

Champion the Right to be Yourself.

Dare to be Different. #DoYou.

You are the gift.

iPhone : Congratulations Mr. George. You are no longer known as America’s worst president.

You’re not even a close second. Donny has always tried to be number one in everybody’s eyes. Finally he’s is.

tRump is unanimously the worst president in America’s history.

iPhone : For the Confederates, coal miners, billionaires, farmers, gun toting, and all other Americans who stand firmly behind tRump here’s a quick reminder on what makes one a patriotic American.


iPhone : Do you want to know what we can do for our country?


iPhone : Coming soon to a prison near you.

Large print only. Lots of pictures, especially of the Boy.

Coming soon on the CrimeTV television network.

Boy is an adult male in his seventies suffering from Alzheimer’s.

All book sale proceeds go to Vladimir Putin.


iPhone : Expecting to see tRump there a lot after he’s impeached. And it will be a long long time before Melania comes back to pick him up.

Just be sure to share the balloons with Rudy when he arrives. You need a friend Donny. Try it. You’ll like it.


iPhone : So much for the jurors being unbiased. I think half the Senators need to recuse themselves.
They have clearly already made up their mind without seeing the evidence.
Not to mention the meetings they have been having with the president.

iPhone : OK, I've neglected the #Rohingya lately. Aung San Suu Kyi, darling of the West, will deny at the Hague clear cut ethnic violence. Myanmar’s military carried out mass murder, rape and destruction of a minority. #Genocide…

iPhone : This is exactly the kind of steaming load that makes Trump flush 15 times. King Salman is in seclusion and his BFF Mister Bone Saw is really running the KSA. But it's OK b/c they can pay. #PensacolaShooter #Sauditerrorist…

iPhone : This right here is exactly what I’m talking about
Dude tweets inflammatory & false info about Amy Klobuchar’s husband
Instead of owning that he didn’t do research, calls the responses CORRECTING his BS “white lady tears”
Why? Racist misogyny
Call it out
BTW, Kamala supporter here…

iPhone : This is an historic video, released by the House Judiciary Dems Committee as they get ready to exercise their duty and impeach a US President.

This has happened only twice in US history. It’s a grim task. But Trump has left Congress no other choice. #DemCast

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