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Twitter Web Client : In part of the tutorial, we estimate the distance and inclination of the GW170817 binary neutron star using public data from LIGO and EGO-Virgo. The degeneracy between the inclination of a source and its distance is visible.

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Twitter Web Client : Coming from only doing theory work, this was initially (and still sometimes is) very attractive to me. But I realize it's made me take on fewer of my more difficult ideas that take longer time commitments, in favor of the 'this must be done now' results.

Twitter Web Client : Working on Swift and in time-domain/multi-messenger astro for the past 3 years has been incredibly exciting, but also very draining. Everything is always a rush, woken up in the middle of the night regularly, and I always feel like there are 3 other things I should be doing

Twitter Web Client : That title is really a misnomer, it probably should have been called "the non-existence of true bound states for the single-particle Dirac field around Kerr black holes" but I misunderstood some of the implications of my last result...