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Twitter Web Client : .Eric Bellm put together an excellent white paper arguing for algorithmic open source scheduling for high-value astronomical instrumentation, and Bayesian objective functions that link data analysis and scientific yield directly to scheduling decisions.

Twitter Web App : NASA Swift Observatory This will mean even faster and easier science for our users at both the proposal and analysis stages, and allow us to keep up with all of the targets and requests in the high alert rate era (ie LSST is scary).

Twitter Web App : .NASA Swift Observatory has been extended again!!! (for the 6/7th time?) And budget will likely be augmented for *even more* automation at every step from ToO request, to scheduling to data analysis.


Twitter Web App : Completion of the rationals to the reals is *still* offensive to my sensibilities. How can there be so many more gaps than there are things to be gaps between?

Twitter Web App : Peter Edmonds eROSITA Ah yes, good point. I guess because on Swift we have separate hard and soft instruments I just think of the XRT band (.3-10 keV) as soft. Since I mostly speak to gamma-ray people (non x-ray natives) the view is compounded