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iPhone : Goes to show the white genocide like narrative is prominent across societies among majoritarian nationalist & religious groups. Hindus are 80% of the Indian population & they think they are a minority under threat. twitter.com/asharjawad/sta…

iPhone : Students at Univ. of Findlay college of pharmacy have developed a chemical compound that kills gliobastoma (brain cancer) cells.

They have also refined it to ignore healthy brain tissue and focus on the cancer cells.

Story at 5:30

iPhone : Let’s see.

The one in red is a kind, fair, and aspirational message that recognises people can be guided and motivated to achieve their own positive outcomes and feel fantastic about it, when they have the opportunity.

The one in blue is an ugly, threatening shake of the fist.

iPhone : Find a magic cure for all cancers tomorrow and you still wouldn’t save as many lives and life years as vaccination. It’s medicine’s greatest ever achievement.
Please support #vaccination programs

iPhone : Andrew Klavan Ben Shapiro 1) Bernie Sanders isn't a communist

2) the American democratic socialist left has, for the most part, been opposed to Marxist-Leninist dictatorships

3) This shows the kind of moral clarity people like you say the left lacks.

iPhone : Hey Sam Seder - youre never going to believe who has your back regarding how Steven Crowder and Dave Rubin are cowards and should debate you... cc: Majority Report Peter Kro-THOT-kin 💦 Brendan Finn Matt Lech Michael Brooks Ana Kasparian hasanabi

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