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iPhone : 'Truth cannot have two versions' says FM. Absolutely correct. Since, according to FM, there are two versions, what is the best way to find out which version is 'true'?

iPhone : Mr Jetlie’s speciality is his ability to spin “2 truths”, or lies, with fake self righteousness & indignation to defend the indefensible. It’s high time he, the RM & our PM stop lying and call a JPC to establish the full, uncorrupted truth about the #RafaleScam.

iPhone : Oh puhleeze! Your party said the most derogatory things about Dr. ManmohanSingh in 2014 & as recently as the Gujarat elections by your very own Narendra Modi. And in resonance with Mr. Gandhi #PMChorHai #Truth twitter.com/ndtv/status/10…

iPhone : The person you trusted has broken your trust: Rahul Gandhi


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iPhone : The Modi government is our most faceless, nameless, talent-averse yet...

This is why a second term which seemed certain until last year, is now iffy...

My #NationalInterest: bit.ly/2zmgUBS

iPhone : The PM and Anil Ambani jointly carried out a One Hundred & Thirty Thousand Crore, SURGICAL STRIKE on the Indian Defence forces. Modi Ji you dishonoured the blood of our martyred soldiers. Shame on you. You betrayed India's soul.


iPhone : Modi Govt's assault on the Environment continues. In the name of fast-track clearances, environmental concerns are being disregarded.

iPhone : Read: Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs reiterating that the French Govt had no role in picking Reliance as Dassault’s partner for the Rafale deal.All fingers now point towards Narendra Modi #ModiRafaleliesExposed in.ambafrance.org/India-15906

iPhone : Edwy Plenel the publisher of Mediapart tells me that they were first investigating the connection of Hollande’s partner Julie Gayet’s film to the Rafale deal. But then Hollande said France had no choice in the matter of the offset partner.

iPhone : 'Laws alone do not change the world. It is far more important to change mindsets. This is the challenge before us': Smt Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson UPA at the Second Eurasian Women's Forum in St Petersburg, Russia.


iPhone : #Rafale घोटाले में मोदी सरकार हुई बेनक़ाब।

राष्ट्रीय सुरक्षा की दुहाई देने वाले ही देश की सुरक्षा से खिलवाड़ कर रहे हैं।

जान लीजिए - सत्य के रास्ते में व्यवधान डाला जा सकता है, सत्य कभी पराजित नहीं होता।

सत्यमेव जयते।

हमारा बयान-

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