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Twitter for iPad : If you know the author, Meg Pritchard, let them know they have a new fan! And thank you to all the authors who share their works! #writingcommunity #writercommunity #authors 3/3. (Now back to reading!) 3/3

Twitter for iPad : I find the most incredible books and stories this way! For example, Iā€™m reading Mate of Mine by Meg Pritchard. Itā€™s a vampire story-not really my thing. BUT!! I tend to be open minded and willing to try just about any book. And I have to say it is flippin fantastic! 2/3

Twitter for iPad : I subscibe to a bunch of different newsletters of authors. And a lot of them give away books periodically. Iā€™m not sure if I got this book Iā€™m about to talk about through a freebie thing or not, but I have to say I LOVE each and every author who puts out a newsletter!! 1/3

Twitter for iPad : #Omen was determinedly non superstitious. He stepped on every crack and refused to cross his fingers.
ā€œYou had to wear black,ā€ Killian grumbled at him.
ā€œPremonitions aren't real!ā€
She picked cat hair off his shoulders. ā€œDoesnā€™t speak well for the photos though, does it?ā€

Twitter for iPad : Hey everyone! If you read my #flashfiction, I have a little thank you note to share. Polyanna COMMISSIONS OPEN drew this for me so I could tell everyone thank you for reading, for sharing, and for encouraging me!

#indieartist #WritingCommunity

Twitter for iPad : Oh what an amazing way to see the chandelier! I love this. Not the loss of the king, but of the thought process behind this piece! Iā€™ll never look at a chandelier the same way and that makes me happy! #writingcommunityā€¦

Twitter for iPad : Vernon Cole Oh this is exquisite. Itā€™s so beautiful! I love the dreams of genies and fairies and magic. But the absolute best dream is that of ā€œfulfilling future dreams with youā€. Itā€™s so universal. Itā€™s what we all crave and you write it so beautifully! #writingcommunity

Twitter for iPad : i dream of genies
whispered wishes under shooting stars
of magic made of dreams come true
i dream of fairies
cake and candles blown from here to far
of having hope in life anew
i dream of angels
fortune found in glowing #crystal balls
of fulfilling future dreams with you


Twitter for iPad : This is the best happy cry story! The line ā€œMy Journeyā€™s Way Grows Hardā€ spears your heart! So many lonely out there. I love the diamond guard-something so hard to break! This is just a beautiful piece made even more special by the video included! #writingcommunityā€¦

Twitter for iPad : Phebe Yawson Oh I love this feeling of not quite believing the love is real! Of being so happy you think itā€™s a dream! Having your center tangled with someoneā€™s core is so hard and so wonderful! Gawd, I love your writing! #writingcommunity

Twitter for iPad : My center is tangled with ur core
Somehow our love is tangible
Tasting it in the air
Like vanilla in the sky
Drinking ur kisses
Like a stout wine
Fuddled my senses
Bent my will
To stay here with u
Til time mixes again
These are just dreams
Til I wake n ur next to me

Twitter for iPad : S.L. Brown April Emerson Praise/celebrate thread. Rules: tag a friend & share something you want to celebrate about them. Iā€™m tagging Deborah Wynne I was kind of overwhelmed & asked if people would tag or DM me their stories. Deb takes the time to DM me when she has a new piece for #bravewrite or #vss365