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Twitter for iPad : Iā€™m to bed, but thought Iā€™d share the turtle I got today. Heā€™s peeking out of the river looking at me and then swam under the bridge I was standing on. He was HUGE!! Bigger than my head! #turtle #NaturePhotography

Twitter for iPad : After more than a year of plotting and writing the framework for Book 2 of my historical fiction series, I will be adding flesh to the bones with a goal of another 50,000 words. If I can do it, you can do it. As the penquin says, "Don't give up on your dreams."

Twitter for iPad : Deborah Wynne Aww, no worries! It was directed at me, it was just something that was upsetting. And then thing is, thereā€™s so many flippin awesome people here on Twitter that makes it so worthwhile! You are one of those people!

Twitter for iPad : Here is a link for She Cried Wolf by Phoebe Yawson. If you go to her timeline: Phebe Yawson youā€™ll get snippets of the characters! #writingcommunity #amreadingā€¦

Twitter for iPad : Iā€™ve a husband growling at me to eat instead of playing on Twitter. So, Iā€™m off to eat and Iā€™ll be back. If Iā€™ve missed your #vss365 #bravewrite #vsspoem and youā€™d like me to read it when I get back, just give me a tag. #writingcommunity

Twitter for iPad : Meet Tavaris

He turned to her with tears in his eyes and his hand on his heart. Who am I?ā€

#SheCriedWolf #YA #Sept20th #fantasy #transformation #FridayFeeling

Twitter for iPad : His hands on me was as spellbinding as any witches chant
The chaos that ensued from his endeavors across my chest
Quivering in fear was I ready yet
His eyes so intense
What box did I open
How could I refrain
I'm a wreck
All fun til pleasure turned to pain
On my neck

Twitter for iPad : Phebe Yawson What a flippin amazing line: ā€œWhether I be of might enough to let u leave is above meā€. I be of might enough-itā€™s a question of strength, of love, of courage!! All in the one word-enough! This just flippin amazes me! #writingcommunity

Twitter for iPad : Oh to fall in his arms
Symphonic longing fulfilled
Elevated by pleasures of his embrace
Whether I be of might enough to let u leave is above me
That far off, I cannot see
Let me compose maturity
Come upon me
As the day breaks
As my heart
As my love leaves
#vsspoem #BraveWrite

Twitter for iPad : Meet Nyx

Something swirled within Nyx, ebbing against the flow of her rage. Was it relief? No, she thought, satisfaction. And she wanted more.

Kyanite Publishing
#SheCriedWolf #fantasy #YA #booklovers #BookBoost