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Twitter for iPad : Jessica Moreno Mary Your kid will turn out fine, because s/he has a parent who cares, who has standards, and who is going to try. That’s 90% of it right there. It ain’t rocket science.

Twitter for iPad : Jessica Moreno Mary My kids have always been well behaved in public because that’s what they’ve been taught. It’s frankly not that hard. Parents who tolerate this crap are lousy parents. They’re lazy and selfish and not doing their kids any favors.

Twitter for iPad : Ryan Marino If an organization sends a tweet, that is the position of the organization. Otherwise it’s all just bullshit. The only acceptable excuse is that the intern was high when he wrote it.

Twitter for iPad : Paul Guyot People don’t want to hear it, but this is all true. If you want to be a writer, you have to take risks. You have to make sacrifices. There is no woulda/coulda/shoulda. This is frankly why I quit writing fiction. It was too much and I couldn’t handle it. Right decision for me.

Twitter for iPad : Seth Trueger There was a lot of crossover between the two shows. Mainly because Jerry dated every popular actress in that age range. Including Courteney Cox. 😀

Twitter for iPad : ZUBY: Living in a society that stigmatizes them simply for being male, pressuring them to be something different. (Not better; just different.) We need to do a better job of raising boys to be good men without denying who they are.

Twitter for iPad : Some very solid thoughts on writing. To echo what Guyot says: there is no secret. No magic bullet. No shortcuts. There is only the work. You have to love the work. If you don’t, then for God’s sake don’t do it! Plenty of money to be made elsewhere if that’s your bag. twitter.com/fizzhogg/statu…