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Bio Pilot, Christ Follower, Husband, Father, Friend, Auburn Grad #WDE, USAF vet. Becoming more incensed at politicians everyday.
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iPhone : That’s it. I hope they find every single one of these lunatics and lock them up. He does not deserve this. He deserves our gratitude.…

iPhone : Just did some quick math: the 11 counties in and around NYC in NY and NJ comprise 43% of all COVID cases nationwide. 90, 918 from my math using the Bing tracker. That’s astounding. I’m no statistician, but wouldn’t that be considered an outlier?

iPhone : Microbiologist Robery Davey says they've made a breakthrough last Sunday at Boston University. Using antibodies from a recovered patient in Washington state, they can now see the virus and this is essential in determining which medications work. This is a big deal

iPhone : I love going to synagogue. I go regularly. Don't go to synagogue right now. Don't go to church. The restrictions are temporary. And it is not a violation of law or morality to stop all gatherings above a certain size, including religious gatherings.

iPhone : I’m not trying to be callous, but does NYC and surrounding NJ seem like an outlier for this virus and the curve? What does it look like if we take that one small area of the country out of the stats?