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Twitter Media Studio : .@TamronHall says it takes a village! She’s excited to introduce more of the team behind our new show. Head over to and click on “About the Show” to learn more about #TeamTamron. We’ll be introducing you to more members in the coming days! #TamCam

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SocialFlow : Two women who flew with Jeffrey Epstein reveal secrets of his private world: “When I saw that I thought, Wow, rich people are weird...I was so stupid and naïve”

Twitter Web App : LOL This argument makes no sense. If you acknowledge that the population density is the same, why is there any reason to give more electoral weight to the red areas? Because one acre, one vote???…

iPhone : PTOWN!! I’m bridging my live show to TOWN HALL 7/26 and 7/27. Third show added on Saturday night @ 10PM! Tickets on sale now at! 🍸🤗🌈

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Twitter Web App : Q: Describe Twitter to someone who has never used it.


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iPhone : Can someone please explain to Biff Donald Trump Jr. that every time he calls me the “Creepy Porn Lawyer,” he is mocking his father, the Creepy Porn President who had unprotected sex with a porn star while Biff’s 4 month old brother was at home? You may have to use crayons.

Twitter Web Client : Franklin Harris If we really adjust for inflation, Tugor the Neanderthals hand-shadow show on the walls of the cave in 500,000 BCE was the biggest blockbuster in human history. He got paid a deer for it, which in todays terms is 6 trillion dollars.