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Bio Highly accomplished in both theory and experiment.
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Twitter Web App : Airbnb has made it impossible for my wife to access her account on the mobile app while she travels internationally with family. Every attempt to validate her login does not work - email, sms, phone call (all are working except for AirbnbHelp). Vrbo works fine. Frustrating!

Twitter for iPad : Yoani Sánchez 🇨🇺 Que cara tan linda. Lo siento mucho. Siempre pensé lo triste que es que la vida de los perros es tan corta, pero ahora se que así es mejor. Para nosotros es tan difícil perderlos, pero para ellos sería imposible lo contrario. ❤️

Twitter for iPad : Fusilli Spock Laurence Tribe The irony of that statement is the number of abortions for inner city residents is astronomical. If what Tribe says we’re the case, white “supremacists” would be for abortion, not fear it.

Twitter for iPad : A Miami great.
An all-time great.
One of the best to ever do it.
Talked the talk and walked the walk.

Ed Reed is now enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but this is how it started:

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iPhone : Beautiful footage of the Falcon 9 Boosters titanium grid fins working hard to guide it to a perfect touchdown at Cape Canaveral.
Credit: SpaceX

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Twitter for iPad : A time-lapse video of the moon by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Near side is marked by the dark iron-rich plains. Its still inspiring to me that 50 years ago one of our species stepped foot on this distant rock that has been patiently orbiting us for 4.5+ billion years.

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Twitter for iPad : The DZero proton-antiproton collider Fermilab. This behemoth discovered the top quark- heaviest matter particle known to exist - shattering proton-antiproton at 1.8 TeV. 🔥

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