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Twitter Web App : paulsperry So as painful as some of you might find it to have to see and hear the painful shrieking of The Mad Squad & their supporters/enablers, its accomplishing great things for this country.

They are KILLING their own party, Trump is growing STRONGER.

Twitter Web App : paulsperry Look at the fundraising #'s. It's no accident the RNC is leaving the DNC in it's dust.

That's because a lot of GOP donors who took a 'wait and see' attitude in 2016 are now on board.

Meanwhile top DNC donors see the iceberg ahead & are abandoning ship.

Twitter Web App : paulsperry Whether a lucky accident, a happenstance alignment of the stars or not, The Democratic Party can't go back after this.

They've **OPENLY EMBRACED THE ANTISEMITISM** and their own response to those who point this out it to loudly yell "RACIST!" at the top of their lungs.

Twitter Web App : paulsperry Now, whatever you wanna call it, the MSM, The DNC Media Complex, whatever, they are NOT gonna advertise what's happening behind the scenes right now.

That top DNC donors - including the top JEWISH donors - are fleeing the Democratic party.

Twitter Web App : paulsperry People like Pelosi would play footsie under the table with the Antisemitism. They understood how this game was supposed to be played.

The New Breed of out and proud Antisemites ain't got no time or patience for those under-the-table games.

Twitter Web App : The MB getting these two lunatics into the Congress is going to do more to expose BOTH the MB **and** the Democratic Party than 1,000 columns written by people like paulsperry or me.

We no longer have to TELL people what they are, they are openly SHOWING what they are.

Twitter Web App : The MB has now been totally exposed. They reached their PEAK under Obama when he **ensured** they would take over in Egypt with Morsi The Butcher.

It's been **all downhill** from there.

Twitter Web App : Luke OBrien It's a good thing that guy shot dead in Tacoma last Saturday didn't really know what he was doing.

He managed to set 1 car on fire & messed up his chance to blow up the federal building when the propane tank wouldn't ignite.

Oh wait.

You have no idea what I'm talking about.

Twitter Web App : This is literally the Muslim Brotherhood's last gasp.

I"m beginning to suspect that it was actually TRUMP who cleared the way to ensure Omar & Tlaib made it into the House. Just look what Democrats have done to themselves in just seven short months since these 2 got there.

Twitter for iPad : Looking back, landing on the moon wasn’t just our job, it was a historic opportunity to prove to the world America’s can-do spirit. I’m proud to serve the country that gave me this historic opportunity. Today belongs to you. We must hold the memory of #Apollo11 close. #Apollo50th

Twitter for iPad : Everybody assumes it’s the USSOCOM.

This is the same people who went in and took out ISIS in ground combat. We never had US troops fighting ISIS house to house.

We’re support role only.

Twitter for iPad : 😂😂😂 I can not, stop, laughing. There is no way this fake hate crime hoax could have ended in a more hilarious way.…

Twitter for iPad : Interesting from The #Apollo11 Moon walkers were unable to buy life insurance B4 the mission. So they autographed a volume of envelopes their families could sell if they didnt return.

Twitter for iPad : There is evidence that Ilhan Omar entered a sham marriage, committed tax fraud, and lied about it.

She has been protected from this story by a media that leans left and is terrified of a story that touches on immigration and faith.

Tiana Lowe

Twitter for iPad : Pro-lifers & even the media have debunked Planned Parenthood’s claim that abortion is "only 3%."

Now, its latest president is too.