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Twitter Web Client : I keep rooting for the Blazers, but the 1st 3 games in this series all started the same way: Portland comes out, gets a lead early on, then in the 4th qrt the Warriors take it over and win.

At least tonight the Blazers have changed the format: they're trailing early!

Twitter Web Client : This correct, this is not a new development, but back in the 60's we didn't have an internet or social media so you only saw what legacy media wanted you to see from these radicals.…

Twitter Web Client : That fun time 3rd wave femenist wackos dropped their mask revealed their true faces:

"We need to work to [checks card] denaturalize the mother-child bond!"…

Twitter Web Client : Hey Hillary, You see AF1 touching down In Montoursville, PA? Yeah, You are not on it #MAGA

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Twitter Web Client : Want an inside look into the meetings in which Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper were spying and recording my conversation? I guarantee you when declassified you will want to understand how surreal it is to have the CIA/FBI spy on you. More info here 👇…

Twitter Web Client : THE WALL is being built as we speak! #BuildTheWall #Montoursville

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Twitter Web Client : Nadler now meeting with Pelosi in the Spkr’s office. Dems have decisions to make this week about how to proceed with McGahn, a full House vote on contempt for Barr & new Dem calls to open impeachment inquiry into Trump