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iPhone : To fight despair of what I see as death blow to private practice in 🇺🇸, I tweet in btw pts/late at night after kid asleep to try educate colleagues & anyone who will listen how serious “surprise billing” debate is

I also make TikToks to laugh/fight despair. Here’s latest. Enjoy!

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iPhone : Pro-insurance special interests missing the point - the wrong fix to surprise bills will take out bad players AND those doing everything right & in-network. Nearly 900 smaller practices urge Congr to slow down & get it right ASAGrassrootsNetwork ASA®

iPhone : So the puke take home from this article: the insurer paid economists look at charges without looking at expenses & what was actually paid. They draw the assumption that these high charges within certain specialty groups are due to OON providers.

iPhone : There is no market for doctors period. Doc payments, not charges, are controlled by third party payers both public & Private. Just like suing someone, a doctor can bill whatever they want, but will payment be made? Note this paper looks at charges on claims, not what was paid

iPhone : “Unfortunately, Big Health Insurance is pushing hard for a “solution”...to OUTLAW all physician charges, let insurer pay an amount of its choosing – the “in-network” rate...they know that the in-network rates aren’t real below rates that doctors are actually paid”

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iPhone : “In NY’s system, insurers pay doctors roughly based on whether their charges are consistent with what other docs in the area are charging and being paid for those non-contracted services.”

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iPhone : NY fixed “surprise bills” w/no doc shortages, pt access/choice of doctor protected, & ins premiums stable!

Congress, why do you keep ignoring success of NY surprise bill law that incorporates a fair independent dispute resolution process??


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iPhone : NancyMD Jennifer Weiss Colm McCarthy Mara Karamitopoulos Naan Derthaal, DO, FAAOS Sonya Sloan M.D. George Gantsoudes Jonathan Kaplan Daniel E. Choi, MD Selina Poon Robert Umberhandt Simon Fleming 🔨 Several years ago - faculty raised concerns about a resident being overly “aggressive” in the ED.

I said SHE is one of our top residents and if SHE were a HE we wouldn’t be having this converstion.

Female faculty stood and clapped. Converstion ended.

iPhone : 1/ Patient’s endocrinologist, upon learning I did her surgery, asked her “are you sure she was strong enough to hold this instruments in surgery?” Patient says “Hell yeah and she did a damn good job too”.

iPhone : Anish Koka I could have been more polite. But to simply dismiss the arguments and concerns of physicians who actually do the work, own private practices and don’t balance bill is, well...suspect. twitter.com/amychomd/statu…

iPhone : How to argue in bad faith.

Dont tell anyone that ER docs provide staffing 24/7 and they can’t ethically or legally turn anyone Away. Which means they take care of the most uninsured of any specialty. %mcare rates is BS twitter.com/zackcooperyale…