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TweetDeck : Brian Hoff You can take full page screenshots with our browser extension. This will create a static archive of the site: support.dropmark.com/article/80-ins…

Buffer : Diary of a Wimpy Kid is totally rad, and we loved talking with their team last year about how they use Dropmark to co-ordinate their global partners (and they said some delightful stuff about books and us): url.drp.mk/2IHNqVj

Buffer : To this day, I process best in the quiet looking for connections between seemingly unrelated things. Read about how Liz Gardner makes work for her multi-disciplinary studio url.drp.mk/2MrUSRZ

Buffer : We love JUNIQE and all the artists they support. Read all about their process and how they use Dropmark to make their lives easier: url.drp.mk/2FSgKlQ

Buffer : The best design is always the one that works - truer words have never been written. Read all about how Zero Studios get stuff done: url.drp.mk/2Kcyz2d

Buffer : Every day I make an omelet for breakfast. If I think about the life ahead of me, it means I have about 15,000 breakfast omelets left until I die. That’s the most optimistic thing I remind myself every day. Read all about Tim Lampes creative process: url.drp.mk/2J4tZVa

Buffer : It’s a sudden, passionate process. It just depends on where I am, who I’m talking to, and what’s going on. I’m the type to be suddenly inspired by everything off the cuff Read all about Morgan T. Stuarts creative process here: url.drp.mk/2NqDwu5

TweetDeck : Julius Koroll Any feature in particular you are looking for? We are working hard behind the scenes on some exciting stuff(!!), but always happy to hear feedback 🙌

iPhone : Rob Boone Hey Rob - we have a beta on TestFlight to resolve this: testflight.apple.com/join/dRZATCn0 & should ship the full version to the App Store soon.

iPhone : Gary Murray Hey Gary, have spoken to the team and the browser extension doesn’t save sensitive information, will look into how we can get that messaging clarified - thanks for bringing it to our attention

Buffer : I use Dropmark for every project I do, commercial or personal. I always gather a lot of references that I can have easily accessible through the concept / style frame phase. Read more about Art Director Nidia Dias process and how she uses Dropmark url.drp.mk/2NpS11a

TweetDeck : Dr. Lindsey Passenger Wieck Awesome! We do have 20% education discounts for Teams of 5+, if that's the route you choose to go shoot us an email support@dropmark.com & we'll be happy to help. Also, this blog post about using Dropmark with students might be helpful: dropmark.com/blog/how-to-us…

TweetDeck : Dr. Lindsey Passenger Wieck Hey Lindsey 👋 you can change your privacy settings to share via link for others to view your collection without needing to create an account, if you want them to be able to add their own resources & comments they will need a login, but they can be on a free account.

iPhone : Artem Fedorov Great - it’s always good to hear what users want! As a small company, we want to make Dropmark the best it can be. We pride ourselves on being bootstrapped and working holistically across our platforms, which means some of these features take time to come to the best solution.