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Bio Managing Director & CEO,IFFCO, Chemical Engineer, Fertiliser, Agriculture & Cooperative Expert. Over 5 Decades of Experience. Chaired IFA and FAI in past
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iPhone : Service to farmers, growth & devp of #cooperatives in the country stands first for #IFFCO. We keep looking for ways to enhance the quality of our soils. We educate farmers to adopt balanced use of #fertilisers with mix & match of green manure, bio-fertilisers, vermicompost etc.

iPhone : #Water scarcity is one of the greatest challenges for everyone. Lets adopt water #harvesting techniques & capture water during rains. It raises water table & benefit our farmers for irrigation. Lets do this for ourselves,our future generations & the entire community. #SaveWater

iPhone : Congratulations to Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji on #CSCDiwas for completing 10 years today in service of people of India. CSCeGov has grown in numbers & the #DigitalIndia has given it a new level for the service of farmers. Glad to share that #IFFCO have proud association in this Initiative.

iPhone : आप सभी को गुरु पूर्णिमा की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं। गुरु हमेशा अपने ज्ञान की ज्योति से अपने शिष्य के जीवन को रौशन बनाये रखता है और सदैव एक अच्छे भविष्य का मार्ग दिखाता है। Best Wishes Of #GuruPurnima.

Twitter Web Client : Glad to meet newly elected members of #IFFCO Employees Union at my office today. Heartiest Congratulations to Sh. Brajesh Kumar for his election as President of #IFFCO Employees Union (HO & Mkt) and other members of Employee Union & Central Executive Committee.

iPhone : Positive Attitude is not just a thought but it is part of good behaviour. It changes the way we think. It not only bring changes into us but also make the things positive around us. Stay positive & Be positive. #MondayMotivation

iPhone : Extreme changes in #temperature are now impacting #climatechange on our #earth & on our lives badly. We need to tackle it in a sustainable manner. We can do it by using less #water, reducing food waste, diversification in diets, making #soil more nutrient rich & grow locally.

iPhone : Trees are very important for all of us. They nurture our soils and reduce soils water loss from evaporation and maintain its health by reducing erosion and adding nutrients through leaf litter and #organic matter. Grow trees. At #IFFCO, we are planting #neem across all #India.

iPhone : देश की अग्रणी उर्वरक कारखाना इफको द्वारा किसानों के हित में खरीफ की बुआई के समय डीएपी की कीमत 100 रुपए प्रति बोरी काम करने के लिए भारत के लोकप्रिय प्रधानमंत्री किसानों के हित संरक्षण श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी और इफको प्रबंध तंत्र को बहुत बहुत आभार।
Government of UP

iPhone : मा.CM Office, GoUP श्री Yogi Adityanath जी के कुशल नेतृत्व में व सहकारिता विभाग के अथक प्रयास से इफको द्वारा किसान भाईयों को उपलब्ध होने वाली डीएपी खाद के 50 Kg के बैग की दर में रु 100/-की कटौती की गयी है जिससे किसानों को अब सस्ती दर पर खाद उपलब्ध होगी और उनकी आय में बढ़ोत्तरी होगी

iPhone : Heartiest Birthday Greetings & Best Wishes To Shri Suresh Prabhu Ji. May god bless you with best of health & success. May you keep serving the nation by adding value from your vast political experience. Happy Birthday.

iPhone : At #IFFCO, we are committed to #nature & mother #Earth. Across the country a massive #Neem plantation drive is going on. In the same series, school children are also participating in a #neem plantation & sapling distribution. Sharing pictures from #Gujarat village. #PlantANeem.

iPhone : Brilliant & #creative. Good to see the #innovation done by this #farmer from #maharashtra to broadcast complex #fertiliser in his field. Made his work simple by using shoulder support bag made of #IFFCO fertiliser sacs. #Initiative with #Innovation performs better than others.

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iPhone : Recently, I met Mr. Satoru Komiya, President & Group CEO, Tokio Marine #TokioMarine Holdings Inc and Chairman of Board Of Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company Ltd. Glad to meet his team of TokioMarine. Discussed various matters related to Insurance & IFFCO TOKIO

Twitter Web Client : Glad to meet the newly elected members of #IFFCO Officers Association at my office today. Heartiest Congratulations to Sh. Jitendra Tiwari Jitendra Tiwari for his election as President of #IFFCO Officers Association and other members of Officers Association & Central Executive Committee

iPhone : Time Management is quality of good professional. Start doing first “necessary, important & must” and move to possible if you can do. Treat time as Capital with you, don’t not afford to loose it by any means. Timely completed jobs have huge value. Be in Time. #MondayMotivation