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Bio DAILY RANT GUY is my SON! \o/ ~ WIFE ~ Proud Mother of two sons ~ Veteran son ~ Autistic son doing well ~ BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR \o/
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The Tweeted Times : Todays Top Buzz: Here We Go... Fake News Media Says Putin Is Looking to Help Trump Win in 2020…, see more

SmartNews | スマートニュース : Coronavirus breaks into China prisons as global markets, U.S. business take hit… #SmartNews

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Twitter for iPad : Nothing like it ever been seen before!!!

No other President in HISTORY has drawn crowds like Donald J. Trump has. Biden, Bloomberg or other Democrat candidate is going to lose so badly.

We love our President! 🇺🇸

  • Start Video : The latest The Awesome Twisters!… #demdebate

HeyOrca : Woohoo its #REDfriday! Weve got lots of new service members serving overseas this year. Who are you remembering today? Lets see that red. Heres our collage from last week.

Android : Psa 14:1

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good

Charles Darwin was a fool I suppose, with his evolution nonsense and yet we had to pay money to learn his buffoonery, Man Esau gast to go

iPhone : If you’re dumb enough to fall for this
ridiculous resurrection of the #TrumpIsARussianAsset hoax, AGAIN, then I must suggest you see a qualified mental health professional IMMEDIATELY. I’m not kidding.

Twitter for iPad : Great argument for not lowering the voting age. These intellects are not fully formed...…

Twitter Web Client : HEE! HEE! Designated terrorist group CAIR “demands” resignation of alleged anti-Islam Indiana official who replaced another anti-Islam Indiana official -… via barenakedislam

Android : There are more than 100 public health labs in the United States. But only 3 are using the CDC’s test for coronavirus — raising concerns that U.S. cases are being undercounted, David Lim scooped.…

iPhone : Indiana: A couple allegedly drove two teenage boys off a roadway because they had flags supporting President Trump attached to their bicycles

Their bicycles…

Android : FOREIGN AID:

No wonder there was only deterioration & growing corruption in Ukraine under Obama’s admin.

While Biden was POINT MAN, the Audit Chamber revealed in 2017 that $5.3 BILLION was unaccounted for, and the Obama US embassy made sure it was never investigated.

Twitter for iPad : With these laws, where is this liberal democracy headed?…

Twitter Web App : Let’s see, Prosecutor Cooney signed letter to release McCabe from criminal charges took over the prosecution of Roger Stone ! Well isn’t that Fishy .…

Android : This sounds like a great resource for #cpp especially kids.

We have a #vr arcade near us my son took me too and I can see how this would work for #ChronicPain…

iPhone : #TrumpIsARussianAsset? Remember when he told Medvedev hed have more flexibility after the election? Oops, that was Obama. Yeah.. but, remember the reset button? Oops.. that was Clinton.…

Christian, Conservative Tea party, Republican, LUV GOD & USA! Love All animals easy listening &Southern Gospel Music &Photography. #ccot

iPhone : Happy to have gotten to interview Dr. Robert Warren, breast medical oncologist at Georgetown Lombardi (and also my dad!), about unique aspects of diagnosis and treatment of #malebreastcancer - hopeful that increased awareness will lead to increased research and funding…

Twitter Web App : #Peach #Pond & #Swimming #Duck, by Hua Yan, 1742

Double-red flowering peach tree blooms in clusters of fiery red #flowers in early #Spring, commanding attention. Slender #willow branches hang down playfully over the water where a happy duck is swimming. #Art #Painting #FridayFun

Twitter Web App : ISLAM ISLAM ISLAM -

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Android : Imagine the product selection of Cabelas/Bass Pro/Sportsmans Warehouse online...

...except prices are all wholesale & you pay just $10 to have it shipped to you

Thats what I do & explain how in my book:

#gunsense #guncontrol #molonlabe #nra #guns #2a

iPhone : As the road contractors begin to work in your areas, please share pictures and tag Obafemi Hamzat and I.

As the waste managers clear the drainages in the streets and on the roads, tag us as well.

When you take your first Uber boat ride, also tag us.


iPhone : If you have iGeners in your life or want to join me in learning more about them and how to connect them, I think you would love this book. The investment in this generation is crucial. They are the future.…