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Twitter Web App : BREAKING NEWS:

President Trump Will Attend March for Life in Person, First President Ever to Join Pro-Lifers

Thank you President Donald J. Trump


iPhone : The Texas Oil & Gas industry made history in 2019.

More oil & gas was produced in the state than ever before.

It brought in over $16 billion worth of tax revenue.

It helps fund schools, roads & infrastructure in Texas.

God has blessed Texas.

#txlege newschannel6now.com/2020/01/18/tex…

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump) 's Twitter Profile">Donald J. Trump Rudy Giuliani WE ARE RIGHT! AG Barr = FAILURE!

✅Epstein Killed
✅Disobeys President Trump #DeclassifyFISA DEMAND
✅WONT Prosecute #DeepState Crimes
✅DOJ STILL Attacks General Flynn & R. Stone
✅Huber Refused to Investigate Hillary

Donald J. Trump) 's Twitter Profile">Donald J. Trump, DEMAND Special Prosecutors


Twitter Web App : The education system needs political affirmative action programs STAT twitter.com/DineshDSouza/s…

Android : Prince Charles calls for green TAXES as he meets Greta Thunberg in Davos (after flying in on a private jet) and pitches radical new world economy to tackle climate change - a day after Donald Trump rejected prophets of doom ow.ly/Xxk130qbFP7

Android : Democrats are showing up to Trump rallies at historic rates:

Last night in Michigan—17% Democrat

In Mississippi—27%

In Dallas—21%

In Florida—24%

In New Mexico—31%

This president is bringing the country together

RT if youre sick of House Democrats trying to tear it apart

iPhone : Holy shit, Pat Cipollone just annihilated the Democrats and their ridiculous impeachment hoax. Total fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

Twitter Web App : Drew Pearson reacts to getting passed over for the HOF.

He’s the only member of the 1970s all-decade team who’s not in.

They broke my heart.

(via Jonah Javad)

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iPhone : .Donald J. Trump will be the first President in history to attend the March For Life rally!

He is fighting a bogus impeachment, fighting for all Americans & fighting for the unborn!

Some say my mom should have aborted me instead of letting me go to foster care! Glad I’m here

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iPhone : President Donald J. Trumps diplomatic strategy has been paying off for American border security.

We are still at a crisis level based on the current numbers of apprehensions, but it is much more manageable w/ the policies President Trump has executed.

Congress must do more!

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Android : Huge scoop here from Laura Ingraham

Not only did the meeting happen, but even officials in the Obama admin were worried about Biden and Burisma, but were silenced.

And NY Times found out but killed the story twitter.com/IngrahamAngle/…

Android : Oh please please! Will someone ask the next Democrat to say for the 3000 th time that the president is not above the law, this question:


Android : The Chinese Communist government officially shut down the city of Wuhan.

All buses, subways, ferries and all outbound travel from Wuhan airports and train stations is cancelled.

At least 17 people are dead and more than 600 confirmed infected as the Wuhan coronavirus spreads.

iPhone : Exposed! The Michigan AG Uses Tyrannical Tactics to Suppress Religious Belief in Traditional Marriage. Richard More Thomas More Law joins the program as guest. Tune in LIVE from 12-1pm EST today at standinthegapmedia.org

Twitter Web Client : NYC...
hotair.com/archives/jazz-… 😖
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hotair.com/archives/john-… 😖
#ccot #dems #gop #libcrib #lnyhbt #maga #msm #ofa #p2 #resist #tcot #tlot #uniteblue

Twitter Web App : Just how was the Obama admin on whistleblowers? Obama Justice Department spearheaded eight Espionage Act prosecutions, more than all US administrations combined. Obamas Legacy: A Historic War on Whistleblowers longislandpress.com/2017/01/14/oba…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Every decision we make -- on taxes, trade, regulation, energy, immigration, education, and more -- is focused on improving the lives of everyday Americans

- President Donald J. Trump

Twitter Web App : CNN’s fact checker has spent the Senate trial fact-checking the president’s counsel

Guess how many times he fact-checked Adam Schiff & Democrats?


Schiff has a history of lying to the American people and the mainstream media lets him get away with it

Democrat privilege!

IFTTT : Breaking #FoxNews Alert : Michelle Carter, woman convicted of manslaughter for urging her suicidal boyfriend to kill himself, released from jail

iPhone : Despite the recession, pro-energy Pennsylvania experienced a 259% increase in oil and natural gas jobs from 2007–2012.
Pennsylvania protected energy workers when they needed it most.
Learn more about PAs pro-energy policies in our study: bit.ly/2toGq9B

Hootsuite Inc. : ICYMI - EXCLUSIVE: Top FBI Agent Died After Uncovering Hillary Clinton Funneled Billions of Tax Dollars from State Dept. to Clinton Foundation and Cronies ow.ly/Fi4h30qbIla

Twitter Web App : Laura Ingraham Puts CIA ‘Whistleblower’ on Blast

Laura Ingraham: “What did the alleged whistleblower know about the Bidens and Burisma?”

New emails revealed from May 2019 discussing the CIA “whistleblower” and his role in the Ukrainian scandal.


Twitter Web App : “impeachment is so divisive that unless there’s something so compelling & overwhelming & bipartisan -Nancy Pelosi, March 6, 2019.

Theres a public call transcript that shows no wrongdoing, ZERO additional 1sthand evidence…

And bipartisan? Ha.

Android : President Trump will always protect Medicare and Social Security for American seniors!

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Android : I hope he did!

We dont want that crap

Pences office pushes back after video appears to show Prince Charles skipping VP while shaking officials hands twitter.com/i/events/12203…

Android : The #coronovirus appears vastly more severe than generally appreciated:

In #China, 617 infected and 11 dead as 20 million are quarantined and companies impose travel bans.



#publichealth #healthcare #ChinaVirus #wuhanvirus #WuhanOutbreak

iPhone : I call this the wowie zowie! 😘😆 #kisses #goofball #kiss #smooch #silly

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Android : Huge scoop here from Laura Ingraham

Not only did the meeting happen, but even officials in the Obama admin were worried about Biden and Burisma, but were silenced.

And NY Times found out but killed the story twitter.com/IngrahamAngle/…

Twitter Web App : Wendy Levens Tammy Bruce Wow, who do you have contacts with that you know theyve lost half their viewers. I want the information about both sides, not biased media t.v stations or news papers. Fox is the one for many.

Twitter Web App : Karen.....Mother of the year

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Twitter Web App : Growing up Chinese in South Detroit I struggled as an African American Jewish boy.

Liz Warren at the last Democratic debate.


MAGA🇱🇷❌Wife 43yrs,mother of 3,g’ma of 6.“I cannot live without books.”-T.Jefferson. “Passing through. Each day closer to home.”-Shaft.“TheTrumpTrain!”

Unfollowspy : Welcome to my new 155 followers and goodbye to 27 unfollowers (FREE stats by unfollowspy.com)

Android : With their final words on the House floor, House Dems declared they proved their impeachment case “beyond a doubt”.

Yesterday, they started the impeachment trial declaring they still needed a ton of facts in order to prove their case.

Which is it?

Can’t have it both ways!

iPhone : Call Your Congressman❌ Baloney theft Orange County helped a lot and GOP retirements because never Trumpers running away. Everyone is voting in 20 plus many who never did. No one complacent at all. 60 House seats, 2-3 more in Senate and 450 electoral votes. 30% blacks , 60% Latino. #KAG🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020

iPhone : “Its your moral & patriotic duty to pay less in taxes” isn’t just my biz motto, it’s a personal value, belief & the foundation of my Biz. See how I came to this belief in this article.

Respectful disagreement welcomed.

#taxes #business #success #Tax