◾️I’m a natural blue◾️ 🍹🍸🥃🍺 (@eggers_kim )

◾️I’m a natural blue◾️ 🍹🍸🥃🍺

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iPhone : MATTRESS MACK: This Houston furniture store owner is letting flood victims stay in his warehouse – for free. This is not the first time hes opened his doors to people in need.

The best of us...❤️

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iPhone : Democracy is standing on 5th Ave. Donald Trump has been assaulting it with Lies Corruption & Criminality for 3 yrs. Before it dies, good people armed with Impeachment must step in NOW!

iPhone : Happy Caturday, tweeties!

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iPhone : The ability of Congress was weakened when Democrats didn't stand united and demand Impeachment. Less than 150 had the courage and the rest showed that their reelection aspirations were more important than their Oath of Office. As for Republicans; they support corruption.😣 twitter.com/BarbMcQuade/st…

iPhone : I wonder how much money she was paid to lie?!?! She is an embarrassment!

All I have to say is

Please Like & RT so she sees my message!

Candace Owens tells Congress that 'White nationalism is not a problem' for Black America twitter.com/i/events/11751…

iPhone : I hate Twitter drama. I apologize to those who witnessed it.

I am open and honest because I am open and honest. When I was harshly attacked for stating my opinion, I made the conversation public - I did not libel or become vulgar. It’s all screenshot for the morbidly curious.

iPhone : Trump’s resistance to congressional oversight alone is impeachable, now refusing to permit Dearborn and Porter to testify and limiting the testimony of Lewandowski. The ability of Congress to check a president is being weakened before our eyes. cnn.com/2019/09/16/pol…