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Android : Alim Maasoglu Erica Henderson I don't use Adobe CC, so maybe you are right. I do think that if you are a working at a professional level you should use Open-source tools so you have control of your practice. Open tools also lead people to learn technical skills they wouldn't learn from proprietary software.

Twitter Web App : Since Photoshop announced that using their old software is illegal and they'll sue you, heres this twitter.com/Everblue_Comic…

Twitter Web App : Shipped! @GoogleFonts now lets you control web font loading using `font-display`. Say hello to the `display` parameter 🎉

Whats font-display? font-display.glitch.me

Twitter Web App : Whew. 300-page draft manuscript of the Cyberfeminism Catalog is done! Published book + open-access, open-source, crowd-sourced website coming soon(ish)

Android : Frank Chimero Sure! DM me or email elih@member.fsf.org. I'm stuck fixing some issues with other fonts today, but I hope to be back working on Public Sans by the end of the week. I could meet up in NYC and answer any questions, the Google Fonts docs are here: github.com/googlefonts/gf…

Twitter Web App : I'm starting to think design is being made more complicated than it needs to be.

Android : its one of those days where Im grateful for fontspec and XeTeX. I managed to get three languages, one of which is in a different script and right-to-left, in the same paragraph without much hassle. and I avoided the ugly default Arabic script font and used a pretty one instead.

Android : The campaigns team at the FSF is still looking for summer interns -- apply by May 19 to help us communicate why the world needs free software! Get more details at: u.fsf.org/gj

Twitter Web App : Design could be about doing more with less. We could all switch to Linux and create less e-waste. We could do away with expensive design schools. We could standardize things to create less waste. We could stop selling fonts and renting software. Post-capitalist design is a thing. twitter.com/erikinternet/s…

Android : tired: ↓↓↓

wired: by 2040, gardening & sewing will be common activities in substantially every household again twitter.com/patio11/status…

Android : if we have a bishounen artist visual novel (Palette Parade)
why isn't there an bishounen architect visual novel

imagine Le Corbusier as a bishounen