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Twitter Web App : prettyarbitrary I meeeean, the Republicans on a state level haven't been able to get it together since Pataki (I'm skeptical a Pataki-like candidate is even possible these days) so I'm not gonna give ol Amazon too much credit ahaha. All NY dems are pro-union!

iPhone : Obviously both Cuomo and de Blasio are awful, but as an Italian American I have to commend this ethnically on-brand fight about pizzerias and tax evasion. twitter.com/annaesanders/s…

iPhone : I agree, Jessica18638403, who joined Twitter in August 2019 and is not a bot hired by the black ops department of Disney social media.

iPhone : Steve Lolol you’re fighting the good fight. You can tell him I have seen half the live action spider films, max, and Spiderverse stood in its own beautifully for me (and the script...is actually good)

Twitter Web App : imaginarycircus yeah but you're past the dunning-kruger hump then, like, you know what you don't know! My favorite game at Comic-Con is deciphering who works in the entertainment industry and who is a clueless fan trying to sound like he knows how business works to impress his friends ahahha

Twitter Web App : Steve arggggggggh. I was saying to someone else in the replies, I know it's apples and oranges with animation v live action, or with a standalone and kind of meta story vs fun spider-man hangin with the team, but...also...the diverse spider story....like...