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iPhone : If stares could impeach, Donald J. Trump would be gone.

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iPhone : Trump is coming to the UN.

So New York City is out in the streets right now.

With a giant banner saying IMPEACH TRUMP

Via Rise and Resist

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iPhone : Now is not a moment for politics as usual. Now is not a moment to back down from the fight. Now is not a moment for leaders to follow polls. Now is the moment for leaders to lead with courage and moral clarity. Now is the moment to impeach the most lawless president in history.

iPhone : If Nancy Pelosi were to issue a statement endorsing an impeachment investigation, the dam would immediately break. I believe the vast majority of House Democrats β€” including moderates in swing districts β€” are now ready to support a formal impeachment inquiry.

iPhone : This means the conspiracist has a firm entity to avoid/hate/blame. They have a clear explanation for their troubles. They can move forward in life in relative (albeit flawed) security.

They don’t have to grapple with any of that darned librul philosophising.

iPhone : I think this is why some conservatives are drawn to conspiracy theories.

In a world with many mysteries, latching onto a conspiracy theory that firmly explains something is very appealing. Deciding the governmentβ€”or whomeverβ€”is to blame creates a viable enemy.

iPhone : I have a theory...

Conservatives not only don’t like change, they don’t like ambiguity.

Unfortunately for them, like is full of grey areas.

There are many things we don’t know the answer to, and accepting this uncertainty is part of life.

iPhone : Breaking news: #Quokka balloons now available for sale on @rottnestisland. 🎈

(via IG/@cruzysuzy in @westaustralia)

#seeaustralia #justanotherdayinwa

iPhone : Donald Trump complained at the UN that he’d get a Nobel Prize β€œfor a lot of things if they gave them out fairly.” Trump is absolutely right β€” if they awarded Nobel Prizes for being the world’s biggest asshole.

iPhone : "I will tell you this, Ukraine: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to release the audio of Donald Trump’s phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

iPhone : Every DC reporter should be asking every Republican in Congress whether they think Trump should #ReleaseTheTranscript of his call with the president of Ukraine. PUT THEM ON THE RECORD!!

iPhone : Should be #BiVisibilityDay everyday

I just had courage to come out after burying that part of me since I was 6 y/o til now at 38 y/o
Every time I talk about my struggle someone has to police what I say, how I say it or twists my words

Makes me feel I should've never come out πŸ˜” twitter.com/HRC/status/117…

iPhone : if you honestly believe that the guy who drew on a weather map with a fucking sharpie and then tried to pretend that he had no idea how it happened is going to release an unedited transcript of his phone call to Ukraine, I have five bankrupt casinos in Atlantic City to sell you

iPhone : What would Jesus do?

- Take the children out of cages
- Send Mitch McConnell packing
- Share his own food with the homeless
- Ensure gun laws are sensible
- Embrace people of all backgrounds
- Clear out the White House
- Expose Ivanka as a fraud