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iPhone : Team is go for launch of 60 Starlink sats tomorrow—heaviest payload to date, first re-flight of a fairing, and first Falcon 9 to fly a fourth mission. Watching 1 sat that may not orbit raise; if not, 100% of its components will quickly burn up in Earth’s atmosphere

iPhone : Tencent Auto Editor in chief 常岩is the first one in 🇨🇳 to test drive China-made #Model3. As a model 3 owner himself (delivered back in March), he has a lot to say about the good qualities of his test vehicle. It handles well, smooth, quick, and noticeably quiet. He is impressed.

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iPhone : Reagan Viv 🥟 SpaceX engine production is gearing up to build about a Raptor a day by next year, so up to 365 engines per year. Most will be the (as high as) 300 ton thrust (but no throttle & no gimbal) variant for Super Heavy. Cumulative thrust/year could thus be as high as 100,000 tons/year.

iPhone : Reagan Viv 🥟 Raptor is evolving rapidly. Probably wouldn’t consider it to be even V1.0 until roughly engine 50, although probably engines 12+ can be retrofitted for orbital flight, especially on Super Heavy, which is less sensitive to engine variation. It just needs crazy up force!