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Android : However, BBC BBCSport - how come Gary Lineker introduced Ben Stokes as the award winner an hour ago, and Lewis Hamilton had his award at his house, when this award was apparently still available to be voted on during the show?

Android : Our telly cut out as he was introduced, but Dennis on #SPOTY19 might be our new favourite award presenter in our house!

Android : I feel that this person's grandfather probably went to war to fight exactly the kind of behaviour his pillock grandchild is displaying here.

Boris Johnson - you've normalised this. This is entirely on you.…

Android : Russell -paracetamol
- ibuprofen
- salbutamol
- ipratropium
- prednisolone
- dexamethasone
- difflam
- ametop

Those will cure most viral ills. Maybe some amox, PenV, or trimethoprim. Rarely.

Android : Ok, without my hearing aids I can comfortably get to 15000Hz

If you don't get that far, PLEASE see your GP for an audiology referral. You are missing so much in your life.…

Android : Dr SLS I love LOVE sorbaderm lollipop sticks for that. Unfortunately our trust us switching to cavilon which they assure me is as good, but I'm yet to believe them. If not that then sleek salon pink tape, and tape the dressing down and to the cannula board. Bandage like crazy around it.

Android : Ok, I've made a decision.

What we all need today is to google videos of the following:

1) babies wearing glasses for the first time
2) babies having their hearing aids switched on
3) puppies
4) babies eating lemons for the first time

Case in point…

Android : I'm afraid I have bad news Josh, you are both dull and incorrect. Last night's results change nothing, either to my position in parliament, nor my commitment to the people of Berkshire.…

Android : Looks like we’ll be busier than normal for the foreseeable future. Please consider donating food ahead of Christmas 👇🏼#GE2019…