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Bio Prof at Columbia J School. Director - Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia. Writes for : @CJR @Guardian also @trickypodcast
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iPhone : Just watching a documentary on the first story I covered in my journalism career BSE (mad cow disease), opening sentence ‘Thirty two years ago....’ 😱

iPhone : I have really no idea why anyone would think Rod Liddle’s ideas are worth airtime, but emily m did a good job on holding him to account - not afraid to say he uses ‘casual racism’ in his writing #newsnight

iPhone : Robert Rea As a huge fan of great headlines...the key is to resist the massively obvious that anyone would think of. Cardinal sin is realizing everyone will use it and doing so anyway (Also - more pedantically Oasis not known for their love of cricket ). But it was late, on a Sunday...

iPhone : In other words, the GOP won't express outrage because they aren't outraged. They support the racism, the traitorous behavior, the sexual predation, & the efforts to undermine the Constitution and have proven it over and over and over again. They are not amoral, they're immoral.