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Bio Prof at Columbia J School. Director - Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Columbia Journalism School. Writes for : @CJR @Guardian also co-host @trickypodcast
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iPhone : Siva Vaidhyanathan🗽🤘🏽 But I think that if Zuckerberg hadn't build FB, someone else would have. reddit exists because Y Combinator pressured a group of young founders to build an ad empire out of algorithmic timelines (rather than their mobile phone fast food idea). Investors made the world we live in

iPhone : Facebook has undeniably normalized the algorithmic news feed.

Yet even FB was responding to competition pressure from firms that also had algorithmic timelines, including reddit, Digg, & Slashdot. Cass Sunstein published a book about the risks 5+ years before news feed! twitter.com/juliacarriew/s…

iPhone : This is a paid role (DM/Email me for details) and the RA will get to work with me from inception to publication + promotion of the study. You'll get great research experience, demonstrable academic + industry output 3/ > Example from the previous study 👇 pic.twitter.com/OKombX8ccW

iPhone : The study will be a follow-on from work produced with Christopher Ali and Ros Donald in 2016/17 academiccommons.columbia.edu/doi/10.7916/D8… - I'm excited to see what's changed in newsrooms since then. Aside from generating new data and insights, we'll also be able to compare the two datasets. 2/

iPhone : Graduate Research Assistant Opportunity Tow Center working with me (!) on a study related to "Small Market Newspapers in the Digital Age" mailchi.mp/cec6adddd195/p… - come flex your quant chops and deliver impactful research at the same time! 1/

iPhone : talking to Columbia Journalism students about these exact issues - who moderates, edits etc what are the ethical dimensions of speech and technology. Glad to see Baroness Onara O’Neill on board with the right to hear : Democracy and Digital Technologies data.parliament.uk/writtenevidenc…