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Bio Over worked decorator, underworked artist. Fighting against antisemitism and misogyny. LAAS activist. #ZeroTolerance. Resister.
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Android : When I founded LAAS in 2017 I still desperately wanted to be involved in the party.

I volunteered doing admin and canvassing. I wanted to get involved in the party's internal democracy. Maybe even represent the party as an elected representative one day.

Android : This is the destruction of one of the most important monuments in the Jewish World.

• Where is the indignation from Rights Groups?

• Where is the Far-Left who claim to defend minorities?

• Where are the “woke” who mob on social media.

They prefer to harrass Israel & Jews. twitter.com/aramalliance/s…

Android : It's actually becoming quite hard to see the point to The Labour Party at all. What is the party for? What's its identity?

I predict Labour is going to have a very hard struggle to retain its existing relevancy, let alone regain what's been lost since the days of Ed Miliband

Android : Other parts of this debate are more re complicated, but I honestly don't see how anyone with compassion for women could argue this. Words truly fail me. twitter.com/VictoriaPeckha…

Android : #Labour gave us family allowance, the Equal Pay Act, The SEX Discrimination Act, legal abortion, free contraception, all-women shortlists and The Equality Act. Labour once had a proud history of standing up for women. What the HELL happened? #LabourLosingWomen

Android : Fair play to Lisa Nandy this weekend.
Having convinced Jewish Labour Movement to endorse her, thus gaining the support of 0.75% of British Jews she then tossed away the support of the rest of us-about 0.3% of the UK population.
She now aces that by alienating 51% of the population- women.

Android : Some Labour leadership/deputy leadership candidates really should remember the meetings & whatsapp/text conversations with colleagues before claiming to have a 'strong track record' of backing an independent complaints process.

Android : I see that Lisa Nandy is making a courageous move by hanging her campaign on securing the votes of the 49% of Labour Party members who are not women.