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Bio Celebrator of local life in Liverpool, UK. Founder of @OldSwanAlive magazine, Book Club & In Bloom, would love to see my WIP fly. Proud of Eurasian roots.
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Twitter Web App : CB Creative David Nicholls 'And cut!'
They froze.
'It's a wrap!'
They hugged.
Extras high-fived.
Snow machines fell silent.
'Everyone, cocktails on the beach, my shout!' called the Director.
They piled out of Studio 52,'The Cool Box', into the heat, throwing discarded clothes into the wardrobe trailer.

iPhone : Amanda Berriman I’m relieved that quality of writing isn’t directly related to real life parenting skills! Vicky would mostly be engaged in a battle of ‘Just one more level’. Most boring plot ever! #screens

iPhone : New day, new week, and new ideas following excellent feedback from an industry professional this weekend. Kids, go to school; I want to get writing! This is going to be a good week for my WIP. I can feel it in my bones. #writingcommmunity

iPhone : #WritingCommunity you have to read this! It’s insight of pure gold. Who’s looking after Vicky? #amwriting twitter.com/mandyberriman/…

iPhone : In 1994 I took a course in African, Asian & Caribbean literature, & loved A House for Mr Biswas. Fast forward 20 years; how differently we read issues of culture, race, treatment of women etc. Highly recommended viewing. #WritingCommunity

iPhone : So highly recommended, I snuck out of a party & hid in the ladies loo just so I could read the last chapter. #confession #amreading #bookclub #writerscommunity #home #BooksToRead twitter.com/MandyBerriman/…

iPhone : Watching The Scorch Trials for family movie night. ‘Don’t worry, mum, there are hardly any zombies in it.’ Who taught my kids to be such deceivers? #chuffingterrifying

iPhone : Rachael Dunlop I wish I’d stopped at that point when I did #NaNoWriMo a few years back, I got some advice on my structure/story arc. Would have saved me a heck of a re-write due to rookie errors. Live n learn, eh? Well done on your success so far!

iPhone : Scared. Sad. Fearful. Overwhelmed. Disgusted. Persecuted. Neglected. Deceived. Betrayed. Feelings I’ve heard pre #GeneralElection2019 election. I believe there is a love that can turn the darkest night to brightest day, & it even transcends politics. TGI even Friday!