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Android : Meghan Jackson I've read both and the Torah. And was raised in a Baptist Christian household but when I got around 15 I started exploring different religions looking for the perfect one. There is none. I just try to treat everyone with respect.

Android : Meghan Jackson I agree. I always ask folks from both religions if someone was never taught about your god but lived an honest good life do they go to heaven? They say no.

Android : Meghan Jackson Good post sis. I don't advocate for any religion but believe in a higher being. However I kill my family with the Bible that are Christians and my family that are Muslims with the Koran. As some usually don't know why they are who they are because they were raised that way.

Android : Dominick DiNardo R Jones Vogel also was a Phil and Rambis choice. Horrible how you wouldn't let Magic do his job which you hired him for. It's always good to get advice but they shouldn't be the overwhelming voice. Palinka is now gonna get overruled and told how to GM with Rambis & Phil in Jeannie's ear!

Android : NowThis I hope this punk ass cop is fired and prosecuted for false imprisonment...how many more innocent young black men have to be violated for this to end?? Ridiculous 😏