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@CornellEEB PhD candidate; passionate about streams, inclusion of all diversity axes in #STEM & teaching for Cornell Prison Education Program.

Location Occupied Cayuga and Haudenosaunee lands
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Twitter Web Client : Its official—were 500 *AND THEN SOME* Queer Scientists! (502, to be precise.) Please share our Contributions link far & wide within the community (, because were not done yet: standing by to change our name to 1000QS. #Pride #STEMPride #QueerInSTEM

Twitter Web Client : Alex Webster Brendan J Barrett I feel like Im currently living in the mixed models rabbit hole with this MS.

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Twitter Web Client : Struggling with #dataviz for mixed effect model results w/ a complex mixed effect model (3 fixed effects, 1 random). Whether to show "raw data" vs. mixed model results. What are your thoughts #stats tweeps?

iPhone : Our June spotlight is up on our Eco and Evo Biology grad student website! Plz pretend I shared this 10 days ago xD Learn about the work of the awesome Emily Funk, who studies the evolution of fish morphology:… #phdchat #science #evolution #genetics

Twitter Web Client : New community ecology pet peeve: when papers talk about how they studied a "metacommunity" without explicitly showing that they tested that dispersal occurs between the different communities they sampled. -signed, Grumpy Grad Student

iPhone : How to talk to grad students, lesson #3,276: when a student shares something they did for fun, the old joke-response "shouldn't you be working on your thesis, haha" is probably the worst thing you can possibly say.

Twitter Web Client : Who's in Tropical Rivers Lab? A Brazilian-American woman, a Colombian-Russian woman, a Dominican-German-American woman, two Latinas from Miami, two Costa Rican men, a Tanzanian Kuria man, a Guyanese-American woman, and an American woman PI. So many benefits for research and learning!…

Twitter Web Client : You can tell northern (and glided) flickers apart using genomics, but theyre still really closely related! Learn more in the first chapter of my dissertation out now!… #ornithology #hybirds #genomics #phdlife #phdchat