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Bio @Cornell PhD candidate; passionate about streams, #scicomm and policy, inclusion of all diversity axes in #STEM & teaching for Cornell Prison Education Program.
Location Occupied Cayuga and Haudenosaunee lands
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Twitter Web Client : Things Ive done today that made my cat mad:
1. Sneezed too much and woke her up
2. Washed the sheets so she couldnt sleep on them
3. Wouldnt let her eat my lunch
4. Tried to nap instead of playing with her
5. Wouldnt let her go outside & play in the snow

Twitter Web Client : Really excited for my lecture today to my science writing students - Im planning to tell the story of two of my manuscripts (1 re-submitted for review, 1 published), how many drafts it took to get there & the reviewer comments we received. Heres the summary slide.

Twitter Web Client : Flint, MI has been without tap drinkable water for 3 years 10 months and 16 days in case anyone was wondering. I’m Mari and I’m fighting on for the #FlintKids #FlintTown #DontForgetFlint #FlintWaterCrisis #Mari2044 #TeamMari #StopPoisoningMyPeople #WaterIsLife #MAGA

Twitter Web Client : Takeaways from the amazing Anitra Douglas-McCarthy

• Engage in as much research as possible

• Get to know faculty and maintain those relationships

• Reflect on what you want from a graduate degree

• Start your #gradschool search early and reach out to potential advisors

Twitter Web Client : River discharge has little influence over long-term changes to its course and surrounding landscape, a study of waterfalls shows. Instead, bed substrate has greater impact on how rivers change over time.…

Twitter Web Client : We’re prepping the final materials for #DPW2018! Can’t believe the weekend starts tomorrow... it’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to see this year’s participants in a little over 24 hours!