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Falcon Social Media Management : ESA and Arianespace have signed a contract that secures the SEOSAT–Ingenio Earth observation satellite’s ride into orbit next year on a Vega rocket from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana.
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Falcon Social Media Management : Carsten Hagemann ESA auf Deutsch Thank you for letting us know about the links, we've recently relaunched the ESA Shop - you can find it here:

TweetDeck : Join us for our annual conference #SmartSpace2019 in #Toulouse from 3rd-5th June and hear about developments in the #NewSpace landscape 🚀 From launching a #satellite to designing a #service! 🛰
#Innovation #Technology

TweetDeck : This week here at @ESA were looking at #gravity and #blackholes, how we study them with our current #space #science missions and whats in store for the future 🕳️🛰️
Stay tuned and join the conversation following #GravityRules
#AnsweringTheBigQuestions #Space19plus

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Falcon Social Media Management : .ESA Science #IOTW Black holes are among the most fascinating objects in the cosmos. When they merge, as shown in this artists impression, they release gravitational waves, causing the entire Universe to ‘quiver’ #GravityRules
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TweetDeck : LISTEN: Why face-to-face is best when engineering for space. #ESATechs Torsten Bieler talks to NASA APPELs #SmallStepsGiantLeaps #podcast about ESAs pioneering use of #ConcurrentEngineering for designing space missions Space University:…

iPhone : Students from the winning teams of the #LPS19 Climate Detectives School Award travelled to Milan, Italy, this week to attend for a full-day ESA's Living Planet Symposium (LPS), the largest Earth observation conference in Europe, to receive their prizes.…

Falcon Social Media Management : A new satellite data centre, called #ESTHub, which will help technology companies to retrieve and process remote sensing data from space faster, was inaugurated this week at the e-Estonia Presentation Center in Tallinn, Estonia.
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Falcon Social Media Management : 🎥 The #LivingPlanet Symposium brought together world-class scientists, representatives from space agencies and international organisations to discuss the latest in Earth observation. Take a look at some of the #LPS19 highlights with ESA Web TV…

iPhone : .UK Space Agency asks you to share your memories of one of the seminal moments of the 20th century: 1969's #Apollo11 Moonlanding (or tell your stories about how this historic event has inspired you)... #Apollo10 #Apollo50……

iPhone : Our Earth Observation missions gather enough data each minute to fill the pages of a 100m bookshelf
Those who fly them keep spacecraft safe from #SpaceDebris & #SpaceWeather while flying in complex formations, ensuring science data reaches Earth

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Twitter Web Client : This weeks ESA EarthObservation #EarthFromSpace programme takes us over #Italys #PoValley - and features a composite of images from the Copernicus EU #Sentinel2 mission, captured between June 2018 and February 2019.
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Twitter Web Client : Final day of the #LivingPlanet Symposium in #Milan, Italy. Today is all about society and #SDGs.

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iPhone : By combining 25 years of ESA satellite data, scientists from CPOM News have discovered that warming ocean waters have caused the ice to thin so rapidly that 24% of the glacier ice in West #Antarctica is now affected. Read more:…

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Twitter Media Studio : With air pollution a global concern, satellites provide vital information about air quality to help understand how to keep our planet breathable. #LivingPlanet #LPS19
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Falcon Social Media Management : The NASA/ESA HUBBLE Telescope observes creative destruction as galaxies collide.
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Twitter Web Client : Data from Copernicus EU #Sentinel5P from August 2018 to February 2019 have been averaged to reveal nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere. #NO2 pollutes the air mainly as a result of traffic and the combustion of fossil fuel in industrial processes.

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