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iPhone : I was starting to feel down about being so far behind my yearly reading goals, then I decided to count the 12 billion times I re-read my MS, plus the dozens of CP mss I’ve read and pic.twitter.com/OhbJwmE2IY

iPhone : Christy Box Oh, I hope so! Since I’m apparently incapable of taking ANYTHING completely seriously, I’ve never had as much fun as I did with this ms and it’s juxtaposition of a dark premise/messy characters/awkward flirtation/genuine feelings and I want to write this stuff forever ❤️

iPhone : Christy Box ❤️ I’m happy to say it’s getting lots of love from those who’ve read it, so I hope there are enough readers out there who like funny/death/banter/feelings/kissing books!

iPhone : 😅 Hah. Haha. I, uh, I think maybe it’s the one I just wrote... where I crammed a ton of RomCom banter into a dark YA SFF about a repeat accidental murderess. Oops.

Come for the killing, stay for the... laughs? twitter.com/ericsmithrocks…

iPhone : And now I want to gather all my main characters into a big group hug then set up a fictional play date with Alex so they can all talk each others’ ears off and make innappropriate jokes without worrying about exhausting anyone ❤️

iPhone : And I truly hope the many readers who love this book (How could you not???) take a second to appreciate how those of us w/diff brains may be *a lot* sometimes but we’re also great characters, devoted friends, and fun narrators, so pls show us grace when we’re being who we are ❤️

iPhone : Somehow I forgot about reading this tweet until today, halfway through RWARB, when I found myself having a *moment* as I tried and failed to explain to myself all the tiny but significant ways I see my brain reflected in this book and... yeah... Feelings. Wow. twitter.com/casey_mcquisto…

iPhone : Kelly Mangan Keep in mind it’s less about how long it takes to read yours and more about how many other submissions are in their queue (and the other tasks on their schedule.) So keep on writibg/querying and try to distract yourself bc it definitely can take a while

iPhone : I spent 3 hours this morning volunteering at a Scholastic Book Fair and spent WAY too much $ on kids who were a few cents short but it was so worth it

iPhone : Half of my IG feed is just random ads telling me that bras make chest muscles weak so I should stop buying bras except for their bra and this is why I prefer Twitter