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iPhone : Lindsay Landgraf Hess Evie Dunmore I just can’t stop composing scenarios:
“Darling, I’m feeling a bit peaky.”
“Well, you haven’t visited the doctor in DAYS.”
“Oh, goodness gracious, you’re right! I’d best head over in the morning, but don’t worry, I’ll stay there until I feel all better!”

iPhone : And now I trust myself to craft a story in a way that will reaonate. Granted, I may always have to tweak word count act by act, but I know I can make it work as long as I feel the shape of a story to start. The rest is all massaging.

iPhone : I couldn’t grasp story beats by reading about them, but I had a gut sense of them, emotionally, so once I had the framework, I listened to my instincts. confirmed, and THEN they started to make sense. It was like reverse-engineering a plot.

iPhone : The best thing I ever did for myself as a writer was to study story structure (and cry a little bc I’m a pantser and HUH!?!) then watch a LOT of movies with my hand on the remote so I could hit pause and check how far along I was. #writingtips

iPhone : Today, I fed and hydrated three sick/ injured family members multiple times, cleaned, cooked, provided emotional support, and when I slipped away to work on writing—my (currently) sunpaid job, I felt GUILTY for doing so.


I’m gonna work on it.

iPhone : Scene: watching NEWSIES

8: But he DOESN’T want to move to Santa Fe! *sob* He just wants LOVE! He wants a FAMILY!!!


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