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Twitter for iPad : I’m convinced the EU will become the world’ first climate-neutral continent. Most EU members already endorsed climate neutrality by 2050. Personally, I’d say it’s just a matter of little time before all EU countries subscribe to it.

iPhone : A tree needs years to grow but only minutes to burn. Europe is deeply moved by the magnitude of this calamity. We have no right to lecture but we want to help everyone who is ready to save forests because those who save forests save humankind. #AmazonFires!Cn89JR

iPhone : Albania’s accession to the EU is in the best interest of the whole of Europe. Because there will be no stable and safe Europe without the integration of all the Balkans in the EU. What is at stake is our common future.!un84rP

iPhone : Hyrja e Shqipërisë në BE është në interesin më të mirë të të gjithë Evropës. Sepse Evropa nuk do të jetë e qendrueshme dhe e sigurtë pa integrimin e të gjithë Ballkanit në BE. Bëhet fjalë për të ardhmen tonë të përbashkët.!un84rP

iPhone : Skopje is the best possible place where I would like to appeal to the leaders of the European Union: Now you do your share. Because North Macedonia has already done its share. #EUAccessionTalks!DR86th

iPhone : Скопје е најдоброто место од каде би сакал да упатам апел до лидерите на Европската унија: Сега вие завршете го вашиот дел. Затоа што Северна Македонија веќе го заврши својот.!DR86th

iPhone : Нарешті! Звільнення Олега #Сенцова та українських моряків сповнює мене почуттям полегшення. Я продовжую закликати Росію звільнити усіх політичних в’язнів та поважати територіальну цілісність України…

iPhone : Finally! The release of Oleg #Sentsov and the Ukrainian sailors fills me with relief. I continue my call on Russia to release all political prisoners and respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity.…

iPhone : Under difficult circumstances, G7 discussed and achieved progress on some of the biggest challenges of the world incl. the Amazon rainforest, trade, Iran, Hong Kong and inequalities. #G7Biarritz

Twitter for iPad : Tomorrow I meet PM Boris Johnson. I hope that he will not like to go down in history as “Mr. No Deal”. The EU is ready to listen to operational, realistic ideas acceptable to all Member States including Ireland, if and when the UK government is ready to put them on the table.

Twitter for iPad : Trade deals and WTO reform are better than trade wars. Trade wars lead to recession and erode trust, while trade deals boost the economy. #G7Biarritz

My press statement:!cR48rP

Twitter for iPad : The EU stands by the EU-Mercosur agreement but a harmonious ratification is hard to imagine as long as the Brazilian government allows for the destruction of the green lungs of Planet Earth.

iPhone : The backstop is an insurance to avoid a hard border on the island of Ireland unless and until an alternative is found. Those against the backstop and not proposing realistic alternatives in fact support reestablishing a border. Even if they do not admit it.

iPhone : 2019 brought more good news for the future of the EU!
Youth unemployment is at its lowest since January 2000, more young people than ever trust the EU🇪🇺 AND voted at the latest European elections! #YouthDay