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Android : I am pleased to announce that a deal has been struck with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy - on a two-year Budget and Debt Ceiling, with no poison pills....

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Android : “I completely read the entire Mueller Report, and do you know what I concluded after reading both Volume 1 and Volume 2? There is no there there. NO THERE THERE! We completely wasted everybody’s time and taxpayer’s money.” Trish Regan

Android : ....Best and Newest Military (almost totally rebuilt from the depleted military I took over) in History, Best V.A. in History (Choice), and MUCH, MUCH MORE. Gee, let’s impeach the President. The “Squad” (AOC Plus 3) and other Dems suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Crazy!

Android : Newest Poll: Only 11% in favor of starting ridiculous impeachment hearings. Well, let’s see: We have the Best Economy in History, the Best Employment Numbers in History, Most People Working in History, Highest Stock Market in History, Biggest Tax and Regulation Cuts in History,..

Android : Guatemala, which has been forming Caravans and sending large numbers of people, some with criminal records, to the United States, has decided to break the deal they had with us on signing a necessary Safe Third Agreement. We were ready to go. Now we are looking at the “BAN,”....

Android : Trump is not a racist.

If he was I wouldn't have voted for him nor would I still support him.

Over 62,000,000 people wouldn't have voted for him either.

He was never openly accused of being a racist until he destroyed Hillary in 2016.

It's all politics, think about it folks.

Android : In 2016 I almost won Minnesota. In 2020, because of America hating anti-Semite Rep. Omar, & the fact that Minnesota is having its best economic year ever, I will win the State! “We are going to be a nightmare to the President,” she say. No, AOC Plus 3 are a Nightmare for America!

Android : James Martin, SJ My mother gave me a book called, "When Women were Priests."
Kind of like Rosie Riveter. The men were out evangelizing and women held mass secretly in the homes.
Honestly Father, it will further degrade the church. Men won't come. The priesthood needs to seize back the reins.

Android : Ok, last tweet of the day😎. Going to show you REAL JOY in case your day sucked😬. Take a look at how much excitement and joy these guys are having👊. True joy is due to Jesus Christ👏🏻. You can have the WORST DAY Of YOUR LIFE and still have joy👊. Night😘

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Android : When we rip down and totally replace a badly broken and dilapidated Barrier on the Southern Border, something which cannot do the job, the Fake News Media gives us zero credit for building a new Wall. We have replaced many miles of old Barrier with powerful new Walls!