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Android : Please put this to Chuka Umunna when you speak to him, I live in Streatham hill and I voted in 2017 for a Corbyn lead Govt, not him personally and I demand a new vote, I had my vote Stolen by that man #PoliticsLive

Twitter Web App : Anyone else wondering why chuka umunna never bothered to throw his hat into the ring for the Tory leadership? #PoliticsLive

Twitter Web App : Don't wish to sound cynical, hahaha
But who else suspects that all these contenders for the Tory leadership, were doing nothing more than positioning themselves ready to be in a position to sell their votes later for a seat at cabinet?

Twitter Web App : Boris Johnson the labour parties greatest asset, supplied by the most gullible out of touch political party on the planet #PoliticsLive twitter.com/aakhtar/status…

Twitter Web Client : Jack Reacharound Hahaha, lets see how many Days him & the Tory Party survive after his Election?

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Twitter Web Client : No Wonder the Tory Party doesnt want to go near a GE,
They are finished the Second they put this Maggot forward torepresent them,
Hahaha thing is they havent even got a Clue about that, #bbcqt #bbcquestiontime

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Twitter Web Client : Paul Curtis So call an Election then you Cowards, let the People decide that not you Far RW Maggots
,This man is a Danger and has no right to represent my Country on a World Stage, decided by 10K Loons, opps sorry all of a Sudden youve found another 42K havent you?

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Twitter Web Client : So this is the Level of Representation the Tory Far RW Loons want for this Country on the World Stage
And somehow, they actually get the Say on it
How can this be allowed?
#bbcqt #bbcquestiontime ‘Great supine protoplasmic invertebrate jellies’

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