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Twitter Web App : Tom Wiltshire There's an uncanny valley element to them because of the proportions. It's like viewing something in widescreen that was filmed in 4:3.

Twitter Web App : Tom Wiltshire You'd be fine with an SV. I'm a skinny shortarse so normal ones are fine for me (though the pedals are still a squeeze) but SVs are better shaped for basically anyone bigger/taller than I am.

Some prefer to squeeze into the standard cars on principle though.

Twitter Web App : Richard Brunning Ah, makes sense. I can't afford any of them either, but it's an opportunity to illustrate how wrong the people who actually buy the cars get it by showing how wonderful it could have been...

Twitter Web App : Adam Binnie I suppose it's part of the theatre, but it's best illustrated to me by the group test thing where by the time you've got into the car, belted up, and started it without it stalling again, your colleagues are three miles away.

Twitter Web App : Alex Goy F1 teams are virtually unmatched at high-speed development. Visited Renault a few years back. They have Boeing as a tech partner, and engineers do visits. Said the Boeing engineers couldn't believe how advanced some of the tech was...

Twitter Web App : Adam Binnie Hah. I love the shape of those seats and they're great when you're in them, but the act of getting in and out is such a nuisance I'd always go for the standard seats/belts in a Seven.

Twitter Web App : I feel like you've got to go big with either the exterior shade or the interior trim. Not necessarily both but either one or the other.

In 40 years when it's a collector car nobody's gonna think "I'm really glad the first buyer went for silver over black".

Twitter Web App : While Im having breakfast, another dabble with configurators.

718 GTS, GT Silver, espresso/cognac leather (digging the 70s vibe), a few black exterior details, and the always-controversial rear wiper option.

Twitter Web App : Had forgotten this exists...

Went for the simple approach. 310S, sport suspension and brake master cylinder upgrades, black details, LED headlights.…

Twitter Web App : Lewis Kingston Neat isn't it. Actual Gordinis of any type are super expensive it seems (40k+ for a R8!) but there are some fairly decent replicas, and stuff like this and Dauphines with proper engines at decent prices.

Twitter Web App : Or how about a brown 4CV with a Gordini motor?…

Twitter Web App : Gordini colours and 5 Gordini wheels suit the 4L too it seems…

Twitter Web App : Once again falling down the rabbit hole. Appreciate the shot of this Visa artfully parked/crashed in a field (delete as appropriate)…