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Twitter Media Studio : The president of the United States has abused our government for his own personal, political gain. Its corruption, plain and simple.

We have a moment now to root out corruption and make sure government works for everyone—not just Donald Trump and his rich cronies.

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Twitter Web App : I'll be on @Maddow shortly to discuss the impeachment trial and how I'm fighting to root out corruption in Washington.

Twitter Web App : Planned Parenthood fights every day to ensure people get the reproductive health care they need. That’s why I was proud to join Planned Parenthood Action in Iowa for a fireside chat, and why I stand with them to protect the important health services they provide.

Twitter Media Studio : I lived in an America where abortions were illegal. If you had the means, you still had access to safe abortions. It was the most marginalized and vulnerable people who did not. We can never go back to that time. #7in10ForRoe

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Twitter Web App : Thank you Friends of the Earth for your leadership. I'm proud to take this pledge. We've got to make sure our government and our economy work for our family farmers, farmworkers, and food chain workers—not just Big Ag and giant corporations. twitter.com/foe_us/status/…

Twitter Web App : I said many times during my campaign that Democrats can’t lose their voice in the fight for the poor.

One reason I was proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren is because I know she will be a champion for not only the middle class, but also those who are struggling the most. #PovertyDebateNow twitter.com/ewarren/status…

Twitter Web App : Immigration and law enforcement should be kept separate. Combining them only sows distrust and harms public safety. I stand with Arriba Las Vegas Worker Center and MALDEF. Las Vegas must honor its pledge to stop unconstitutionally detaining immigrants. twitter.com/ArribaLasVegas…

Twitter Web App : This bill is a huge step forward. State employees work hard to serve and support Colorado families—they deserve the same in return. I stand with Colorado WINS in the fight for collective bargaining rights. It's time to rewrite the rules to strengthen the voices of workers. twitter.com/COHouseDem/sta…

Twitter Web App : We need to make sure our government and our economy work for all of us, not just the wealthy and well-connected. There are nearly 140 million poor and low-income people living in this country—almost half of our population. This is the central question of our election. twitter.com/UniteThePoor/s…

Twitter Web App : Our Regional Organizing Director for the Upstate Luke Quillen 🦅 is all in for Elizabeth Warren (and his five year-old daughter Olivia is too!), heres why:


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Twitter Media Studio : Black and Brown women are leading the charge to protect reproductive rights—yet they face significant barriers accessing abortion care. My administration will empower their leadership and fight against the decades of systematic racism that has led to this point. #RoeVWade

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Twitter Web App : If Michael Bloomberg wants to be the Democratic nominee, he should let reporters do their jobs and report on him, and everyone else, as they see fit. And he should divest from Bloomberg News so there’s no question about his influence over news coverage of presidential candidates.

Twitter Web App : I’ve taken more than a thousand unfiltered questions from the press and from voters since I got in the race. I welcome tough questions and scrutiny because the free press is a cornerstone of our democracy—and every presidential candidate should be closely vetted.

Twitter Web App : Bloomberg News banned its reporters from investigating Democratic candidates as Mike Bloomberg runs for president. This ban puts reporters in an impossible situation and undermines a free press. Bloomberg should lift the ban and divest from Bloomberg News. abcnews.go.com/Politics/bloom…

Twitter Web App : Incarcerated women in Florida demand dignity, especially during pregnancy.
We will continue to fight for prison reform, knowing that Black and brown women are the most vulnerable. #SayHerName
floridaphoenix.com/blog/dignity-f… via @flphoenixnews

Twitter Web App : After Ebola, Congress invested to prevent pandemics like coronavirus. Donald Trump tried to cut that funding. As president, I’ll fully fund global health security, research on medical countermeasures, and public health capacity at home to keep us safe and healthy. twitter.com/cnni/status/12…

Twitter Web App : Reproductive rights are human rights.

Reproductive rights are economic rights.

And I will fight to protect those rights.

Twitter Web App : Trump's spent his entire presidency attacking every lifeline we have for struggling families. Democrats will win by not just defending these benefits, but by fighting for progressive expansion of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. See my plans: ewar.ren/My-Plans twitter.com/Robillard/stat…

Twitter Web App : Thank you @Jamie_Raskin. Together, we'll sweep out the corruption of the Trump administration and make our government work for the people. twitter.com/jamie_raskin/s…