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Twitter Web App : The chaos and the attempt to suppress the vote in Wisconsin should be a wake-up call for everyone. Congress needs to act immediately—and I’ll fight to ensure that, in the next coronavirus relief package, we include steps to keep voters safe and strengthen our democracy. twitter.com/NPR/status/124…

Twitter Web App : Our health system is stretched to the brink. People of color are affected at disproportionate rates. Unemployment is approaching Depression-era levels. The scale of this crisis demands we do much more, much faster. The next round of policymaking must address these hard realities.

Twitter Web App : Coronavirus poses a threat to free and fair elections.

We need vote by mail. We need online and same-day registration. We need extended early voting and hours. We need real money for governments to administer elections safely.

Twitter Web App : Taxpayer dollars must go to workers and state, local, and tribal governments first—not corporations.

We need strong conflict-of-interest protections. We need a ban on political spending and lobbying by companies who get emergency assistance. We need better oversight.

Twitter Web App : People and small businesses must come first during our economic recovery.

We need to keep workers employed. We need new price gouging laws and enforcement. We need to protect small businesses from predatory takeovers.

Twitter Web App : Frontline workers are putting their lives on the line.

We need an Essential Workers Bill of Rights that includes paid leave, protective equipment, emergency safety standards, hazard pay, and collective bargaining.

Twitter Web App : Families need economic relief beyond cash payments.

We need to suspend consumer debt collection. We need a true moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. We need to cancel student loan debt. We need to keep child care providers afloat and increase Social Security benefits.

Twitter Web App : To contain this crisis, we need a surge in testing capacity.

We need the government to be producing tests, PPE, drugs in shortage, and any future treatments that scientists develop—not in the thousands, but in the tens of millions.

Twitter Web App : We’ve debated the role of government since our founding—but the time for cheap political shots at government is over.

Congress must end recess to get back to work on the direct government actions we need to save lives and our economy. Here are my ideas:

Twitter Web App : One of the many messages of Passover is hope over hardship. May Jewish communities around the country and around the world find joy this Passover—even though this year’s celebrations may look and feel very different. Chag Sameach.

Twitter Web App : Congress needs to act swiftly to fix the problems with this program and eliminate the cap on the total amount of money to keep workers employed. The government should guarantee that every small business that qualifies will get the help they desperately need—full stop.

Twitter Web App : The confusing process of applying for PPP puts an extra, unnecessary burden on small business owners. Even if they’re able to apply, some big banks have shut out small businesses from being able to receive these loans altogether.

Twitter Web App : Small business owners are pleading for help—but the Payment Protection Program created to help America’s small businesses stay afloat and keep their workers on payroll has been nothing but a fiasco since its launch.

Twitter Web App : That fight does not end today. We’ll continue it together in the Senate and keep working to hold the wealthy and well-connected accountable to the people.

Twitter Web App : Thank you Bernie Sanders, for fighting so relentlessly for America’s working families during this campaign. Your fight for progressive ideas moved the conversation and charted a path for candidates and activists that will change the course of our country and party.

Twitter Web App : Coronavirus has exposed the conditions under which too many Americans work every day.

We need stronger unions.
We need to raise the wage.
We need safer work conditions.
We need health care for all.
We need paid leave.

Not just during this crisis—always.


Twitter Media Studio : What’s happening in Wisconsin is a disgrace.

During a pandemic we need voters to stay safe, not be silenced—and one simple way to do that is to allow all Americans to vote by mail, while also enhancing the safety of in-person voting.

Join the fight: ewar.ren/Vote-Safe

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Twitter Web App : This pandemic isn’t just exposing the disparities that exist for communities of color—it’s making them worse. We need comprehensive racial data on the people who are being affected by COVID-19 so we can address these systemic problems head on. washingtonpost.com/politics/covid…

Twitter Web App : Q: Should Democrats demand that some form of universal vote-by-mail is included in the next relief bill as a condition of our support?

Elizabeth Warren: Yes yes yes. Absolutely!

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Twitter Web App : This is outrageous. Americans are being asked to choose between participating in our democracy and keeping themselves safe. In the next coronavirus relief package, I’ll fight for a plan that ensures the health and safety of voters and protects our elections. twitter.com/ABC/status/124…