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Pokémon, RTAH, otome games, general monotony. Im an Eevee who roleplays on the internet.

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Android : I texted one of my friends I was in a rut and he sent me this. I was screaming.

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Android : Nando (I was gonna call my therapist and vent to her answering machine but i felt weirdly immobilized so. Can't yell irl gotta yell online? Lmao)l

Android : Nando Haaa i know. Thank you 💕 i think i just. Needed it out of me. I wasn't going to do anything and i knew as much but it was like. Idk. It was a lot of anxious restless energy that took a turn but. I'm good now, i think.

Android : We're now contracting out the U.S. Armed Forces. They're now privateers in the service of a monarchy. Cool, cool. twitter.com/ABC/status/118…

Android : How to get yourself super fired: dragging your real estate firms name and branding into your Facebook ad promoting your services for people who want to sell their homes in response to Montgomery electing its first black mayor montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/news/201…

Android : I'd love to not exist right now! Maybe for an unspecified period onward as well!! I am full of nervous energy and empty on drive! And i'm very hungry!!! But i cannot bring myself to find a way to make food!!! I am too tired and too poor and the world is against me! I hate it!

Android : I think we should actively try and get back into the habit of leaving nice comments on art we like. Doesn't even have to be anything profound. Something as simple as "I love this!!" or "WOW!!" makes a huge difference in someone's day

Android : Oh and then by the time i got home and made it to housing and social services they were out for lunch and i was not about waiting 45 minutes at that point so. Tuesday i guess.

Android : Oh right so continuing my ss adventure

So i didn't stay on the phone to make the appointment

Went to the office myself this morning

They told me i had to make an appointment because the interview for disability is 2 hours and needs extensive preparation

So. . .November.

Android : えっ「デントの日」!?ということで、何かないか何かないか(慌ててる時のドラえもん)と探したら、謎のラクガキが発掘されました。ウピーするのを躊躇してました。エアバトルのフウロさんとデントさんの謎ポーズです。


Android : Gotta love when people honk their horns like they can't hear the ambulance

(I mean it's very possible they don't hear the ambulance you can be hard of hearing and drive but you get what i mean.)

Android : . . .nope nope i can't sit here doing this i'm fucking dying i'll just throw myself to the mercy of the office itself tomorrow morning