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Pokémon, RTAH, otome games, general monotony. Im an Eevee who roleplays on the internet.

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Android : #Pokemon Fact: Galar region edition

Gossifleur’s pollen has a healing effect that works on both people and Pokémon! Tea made from this pollen is a common folk medicine remedy in the Galar region. 🍵 pic.twitter.com/Ugrwy2AbLS

Android : Things that aren't on youtube music but should be: Love 365: Find Your Story 's little main theme album with the main themes of some of their visual novels on it

I say this completely because i want to listen to the Baddest Bidder theme on repeat for the rest of the day tbh

Android : Introducing Sawyer and Rachel!

📝 Sawyer supports Lear as a member of his loyal staff.

Rachel respects Lear for his single-minded determination, despite his arrogant nature.

The two of them seem to trust Lear a lot!


Android : 同じくハロウィンコスのゼラオラ。最初はギターのネックだけでも入れようかと思ったんですが、なんか中途半端に感じたのでアップにして入れないことにしました

Android : Lately the skin on my face has been weirdly flaky af. :|a like whether or not i put anything on it. It stopped for a while but it started happening again the other day. . . .

Android : I wonder if there's a way to get Platinum for free on the Japanese versions of Arith games. . .maybe i should find a way to switch over. It'd probably benefit my language skills in the long run. . . .

Android : Trump keeps saying his rallies are full, but doesn’t look like it.

Wow, I would hate for #EmptySeatMAGATour to trend so people knew the truth.

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Android : ゴー☆ジャス感があるガラルジグザグマ。ゲームで☆って名前に使えましたかね?おそらく旅の序盤で捕まえられそう。