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Bio Agenderflux(ftn~m) | 日本語OKみたいw
Pokémon(Team Skull, Team Plasma, Rainbow Rocket/Bosses,) general monotony. Im an Eevee who roleplays villains on the internet.

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Android : Key Animation: Masaaki Iwane (岩根 雅明)
Source: Pokemon Sun & Moon #126

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Android : This youtuber is selling a shirt with my traced artwork on it, havent responded to any messages while shirts are still being sold. Her video selling the shirt has more than 100k views already

Android : TeamYouTube What exactly does personalized do? Rather, how do we personalize it?

I wanna get push notifications when a channel goes live, but not when they upload a video(since i have emails for that,) is that something I can do?

Android : Walk a lot more. . .and once i get my shit together and put together the trike i'll probably ride that around too. . .way easier to have a backpack than carry around a bottle--I always carry a backpack anyway so it's even better. . .!

Android : I really didn't know those were a thing--like, i'd thought about the idea obvs but never really considered. . .seeing if it existed. I'm not a big sport type of person--most of my walking is for pokemon go or getting from place to place, but once i get my reduction i'll probably

Android : Was going through my emails, saw a bunch of unwatched Meg Turney videos, decided to listen to her running gear one and she mentioned a hydration pack???

I realized, 1) perfect for playing Pokémon GO , 2) will probably be great for when I go to RTX !? Gonna order one!

Android : 本日のポケモンは作画を担当しましたので是非ご覧ください。またいつも通り9時からお絵描き予定ですのでそちらもよろしければ