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Android : "The Princess and the Pea" is a weird fairytale. It's basically a cautionary tale about loosening the class structures to allow for more social mobility, by showing that the royalty have a genetic predisposition to be snobby pricks, which apparently justifies their position.

Twitter Web App : Inside you there are two wolves.
One thinks you are posting too many Hegel jokes.
One thinks you aren't posting enough Hegel jokes.

You are a synthesis of both that makes progress towards the right amount of Hegel jokes.

Twitter Web App : It's a hard pill to swallow, but if philosophy is ever going to take its place as the queen of the sciences again, we must expel all nerds from the ranks of philosophers.

Twitter Web App : what i like about the game Stardew Valley is that it probably caused at least one nerd to quit their job programming websites or whatever and buy a farm in the country, and now they hate their life

Android : The funny thing about Universal Basic Income advocates is that all their arguments about a distant future with fully automated factories apply to housing today, and yet none of them seem to want to start with free universal housing.

Twitter Web App : landlords will act like you are robbing them blind if they have to pay like a fifth of your monthly rent on repairs once every year lmao

Twitter Web App : When Boris Yeltsin visited American and saw the variety of goods in the Supermarkets, he questioned socialism.
When Muhammad Ali visited the Soviet Union and saw there were no homeless people, he questioned capitalism.

I guess it is a matter of taste which is more important.

Twitter Web App : I really feel blessed to be born at the time I was. It just so happens that when I was coming into my formative years, the only good styles of music were being made. In an amazing coincidence, every other generation's music is crap.

Android : "people were mean to me on twitter dot com because i said poor people should die if they get sick, but little do they know this only makes me hate poor people more. for some reason i think this makes them look bad and me look good."

Android : Alright everyone, it's officially time to retire the "wow you say you hate socialism but you sure seem to like getting publicly owned" joke when people clap back at conservatives.

As committed socialists we have to hold ourselves to higher standards than having one joke.

Twitter Web App : i don't understand why the english are so against immigrants. if it weren't for immigrants they would have no good food. or hot people.