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iPhone : If you e been listening to the hearings, you’d know the thing Donald Trump is absolutely obsessed with is ending corruption and nepotism. twitter.com/nickconfessore…

iPhone : I must say I have grave concerns about ending this inquiry without testimony from Giuliani, Mulvaney, Bolton, Parnas to name just the most obvious.

Twitter Web App : Means-testing looks better if you have sharp financing constraints, either due to economics or politics. Universal programs are often better if you don't. A lot of these debates feature people who disagree about financing constraints not actually having that disagreement.

Twitter Web App : A lot of the means-testing vs. universal programs debate is really about 1. whether you think we need to pay for these programs and 2. what kinds of tax increases the public will accept.

Twitter Web App : And yes, Fox News is a huge part of this story: vox.com/podcasts/2019/…

Twitter Web App : Resolved: With this Republican Party, Nixon would never have been forced to resign, and there wouldn't have been the votes to convict in the Senate.

Does anyone disagree? If so, why?

Twitter Web App : Theres a seniors primary, a youth primary, and an early states primary.

Bidens winning the 1st—by a lot.
Bernies winning the 2nd—by a lot.
Buttigieg is, for now, winning the 3rd.

And Warren is the odds-on favorite, because shes second in all of them.

Twitter Web App : "Marijuana, in our country, is already legal for privileged people." Great, true line by Booker.

Twitter Web App : People make fun of it but Yang is right that AI is a lot more important than our political conversation reflects, and that's partly because our leaders are mostly not-very-tech-savvy septuagenarians

Twitter Web App : Topher Spiro Of late, he's been prioritizing climate in his campaign, but I'd like to see the question put to him directly.

Twitter Web App : I'd be very interested to see polling on the Democratic candidates among the universe of regular Democratic debate watchers, which is a lot smaller than the universe of Democratic primary voters.