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Twitter for iPad : Out with the team today in #Tulsehill. Residents are saying they want a #Remain MP here

I got into politics because I know Brexit is wrong for our countrys future. I want an open, inclusive, outward-looking Britain. As #Streatham MP, I will always fight to keep us in the EU

Twitter for iPad : BREAKING: Trump has fired Lt Col Vindman, whose damning testimony confirmed Trump tried to bribe and extort Ukraine. This firing is an abuse of power and another impeachable offense. Trump retaliated against an American patriot, on Veteran’s Day weekend. Disgusting and pathetic.

Twitter for iPad : No, Dianne Abbott does not deserve abuse. The British public however do deserve to hold our elected politicians, and in this case, potential government minister to account.

What an absolute car crash this is.

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Twitter for iPad : Fuck you, Boris Johnson. Fuck you for trying to take us out of the very thing that is to prevent such a war’s ever happening again.

How dare you put us at such monumental risk? How dare you cosy up to our enemies?


Twitter for iPad : As I’m semi retired I have time available. I’m thinking of inviting Tory and BxP (god help me) candidates into my house if they come knocking. And keeping them there for,several hours asking questions. That’ll stop them canvassing. Not sure I’ll be sane after #GeneralElection19

Twitter for iPad : What a fucking idiot. Dear christ on a unicycle, Brexit has revealed how absolutely dumb Brits are.


Twitter for iPad : For every RT of this post, Ubisoft UK will donate £1 to Alzheimers Research UK, up to £30k! Sharing my fav dance pic with Pash to support AlzheimersResearchUK 🍊 & celebrate 10 years of Just Dance. Let’s help them protect memories dancing creates 💕💃🏼🕺🏼🧠🍊 #JustDanceMemories #Strictly

Twitter for iPad : A reminder of the @libdems pledge - from Day 1 of our #GE19 campaign - to spend £11bn more on #mentalhealth.

And the detail about exactly how we’re going to pay for it.


Twitter for iPad : Worst strategic mistake - in a long series of strategic mistakes by Corbyn in relation to Brexit - was not entering into Remain Alliance.

Twitter for iPad : Caroline Lucas - We have had to #UniteToRemain because we have a horrible, undemocratic, unfair electoral system.. we wouldve liked to have been doing this with Labour, but Labour wouldnt play ball.

#Ridge #marr #GE2019

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Twitter for iPad : Boris Piccaninny Watermelon Letterbox Cake Bumboys Vampires Haircut Wall-Spaffer Spunk-Burster Fuck-Business Fuck-the-Families Get-Off-My-Fucking-Laptop Girly-Swot Big-Girl’s-Blouse Chicken-frit Hulk-Smash Noseringed-Crusties Death-Humbug Technology-Lessons ..Get-Stuffed Johnson…

Twitter for iPad : Steve Bullock David Henig Not sure who in the UK watched the EU and the government spend 3 years failing to negotiate a ratifiable agreement on the next two years and thought, "I bet they can wrap up a deal on the next thirty in no time."

Twitter for iPad : Chris Giles The analysis that Brexit insecurity has led to a severe reduction of investment is correct. What is wrong is the assumption that the Withdrawal Agreement gives the security needed or that any type of Brexit will lead to the same type of investment as before.