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Bio Lawyer, feminist, immigrant. Prof Global Legal Studies @unibirmingham. Tweeting about repro rights, constitutions, counter-terrorism, & politics. She/her.
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Twitter Web App : New CPS guidance on the prosecution of those with mental health conditions is now published following their consultation. Very pleased to see changes I suggested to effective participation/special measures sections taken up in full:…

iPhone : We have a confession.
We have a cover-up.
There is a consciousness of guilt.

Just because Trump has power doesn’t mean he can do whatever he wants and get away with it.

He must be impeached.

iPhone : God above save me from Dublin’s racist taxi drivers. Apparently ‘the whole population of Africa’ is trying to come to Europe ‘because Angela made a total mess of it by going out and giving those refugees tea as soon as they arrived’.

iPhone : In the run-up to two major elections on Sunday in Poland, hate-mongering against LGBTQ people verges on being official government policy.
Cecilia Butini Makana Eyre arm this story with very strong reporting from Poland…

iPhone : Ciarán Mc Mahon Journal articles I think are a bit different: first the amount of work is much lower than a full manuscript, second the process is more formative esp with good editors, third as a reviewer there is a quid pro quo as I rely as an author on the same generosity.

iPhone : IMO this of us who can should push back against massive commercial publishers to ensure 1. The value of our time is recognised, 2. Good-citizen publishers can continue to be viable while practising fair conditions w reviewers, 3. Reviewing T&Cs are improved.…

iPhone : Commercial publisher with $millions of profit: pls review this 362p manuscript in 4 weeks for €100 or €300 of books?
Me: No. You make huge profits based on tax payer subsidised research. I am not giving you more taxpayer funded time to build profits on. Pay ppl properly.

iPhone : Ultimately the Q is still how to reconcile 3 seemingly-incompatible principles: no manifest border in Ireland, no difference in legal treatment b/w NI&GB, integrity of EU internal market. NI/GB is where movement is most poss. Election proximity makes that movement more likely.…