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Twitter Web Client : This time it does NOT open a new tab, but gives me a confirmation and a note to allow 1-2 days for processing.

What I don't understand is how or why it went *back* a couple of screens and then required me to move forward through 2 screens again. Makes no sense to me 😕

Twitter Web Client : Actual result: nope.

I'm a few screens earlier in the process. I move forward with the same detail as before, through two screens. I end up pressing the submit button again knowing that it opened a new tab last time, so I won't actually submit a second payment.

Twitter Web Client : Me: I DID NOT open a new tab. You did when you launched the external payment service.

Me: Reaches to close tab... hesitates... "What happens if I close this?"

My guess? The original tab will have updated with some kind of status to say that payment has been completed.

Twitter Web Client : Phone call: sorted. Greeted with this message upon payment:

"It appears you have duplicated a browser tab or window, or re-opened a closed tab. For security, this is not allowed.
To continue working, close this window and return to the original, or click below to start over"

Twitter Web Client : So now I have to call to get clarification. Which entirely defeats the purpose of self-serve on the web. In fact, it's quite possible that this kind of confusion leads to MORE customer service inquiries. As in, the opposite of the desired/intended effect.

Twitter Web Client : Points of confusion

Form on the web site asks for "Tax Account ID"
Paper that led me there has no such thing.
Paper has Customer ID in a 4 number, dash, 6 number format.
Form on the web says Tax Account ID is in 6 number, dash, 4 number format.


iPhone : See someone that needs help? Help them know. Help them understand. Help them build their skills.

We don’t build skills by being told things. We need to practice. So don’t just tell people things. Mentor people. Help them practice.

Twitter Web Client : Today I'm learning soooo many lessons in effective communication practices. Or rather, ineffective communication practices. So many innocent things that seem like nothing end up causing big confusion and uncertainty.