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Bio dont repost/use/quote rt art without permission and the usual jazz
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TweetDeck : 181025 아이돌라디오
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여기도 봐주세요 눈빛 한번만,, 흑흑 왕자님,,

TweetDeck : Playing with mondoongie lights:

🐻Shall we try doing the beige I like~?
🐻Brown? Is brown possible? If notㅎㅎ
🐹The one hyung likes is beige right?
🐻Yea beige! Then-
🐶They said they can do yellow
🐻Ok lets go with yellow then! 1-2-3

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TweetDeck : seventeen cant ignore aju nice. Ever

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TweetDeck : 200119 팬콘
#셔누 #SHOWNU #ショヌ #モネク #MONSTA_X #몬스타엑스 #오늘도셔누와같이

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