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iPhone : Yesterday we were offered a "Last Chance Agreement." If we sign said agreement in less than 24h, we agree to submit grades and never participate in wildcat actions, so we can get our Spring jobs back. Our response, as always, is collective and public -…

iPhone : ucsc isn’t even using student fees to pay people for administrative leave, why do they need our full tuition? all of the resource centers, the libraries, and study spaces are closed so how could taking our full tuition possibly be in the name of serving the students??

iPhone : Yesterday I knocked on my Tennant's door and told him he can stay in the property rent free for 5 months. He is self employed with 4 kids. I don't need Boris to tell me what is morally correct. Landlords, if you can, do more, do something. #COVID19 #BeNice

iPhone : Another option? The energy that you have been putting into elections can be redirected toward local and deeply transformative projects. There are so many everywhere! We need people organizing mutual aid and direct action projects block by block.

iPhone : As UCSD moves online next quarter, how will the institution account for students who don't have safe or affordable housing? Who don't have a computer or stable internet? Who are food insecure? Who work on campus to survive?

iPhone : My institution is moving to #onlinecourses. In preparation, my students had the following suggestions. Not every strategy is going to work for every class, but here goes. 100 percent of credit goes to my Disability Memoir students (for context, we're a 15 person class):