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Twitter Web App : The 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Banerjee, Duflo, and Kremer for their experimental approach to alleviating global poverty.

A great paper for your holidays reading list 📚🎁

Get it here: fermatslibrary.com/s/improving-im…

Buffer : The nabla symbol, commonly used in math to represent the gradient of a function ∇f, is so-called because it looks like a harp and the Greek word for the Hebrew or Egyptian form of a harp is nabla.

Buffer : Nikola Tesla calmly reading while his magnifying transmitter let loose a torrent of streamers.

This photograph was created by Dickenson Alley. It is a double exposure on a single glass plate: Tesla was first photographed and then the magnifying transmitter was turned on. ⚡️

Buffer : How to tell how tall a tree is
1) At a distance,bend and look back through your legs
2) Adjust distance until you can barely see the top
3) Height is your distance from the tree

⚠️ Assuming we look through our legs at 45° - accuracy might depend on the observers flexibility!

Buffer : Here is how you can fold a piece of paper into an ellipse:
1) Cut a circle from a regular piece of paper
2) Draw a dot inside the paper circle
3) Fold it so that the circumference falls on that point
4) Repeat this procedure using random folds pic.twitter.com/T4s3hUcIY9

Buffer : The Antikythera Mechanism built around 100BC could:
- Track the motion of the sun, moon and planets
- Predict eclipses
- Adjust for leap years
- Indicate years of Olympic games

Learn more about it here: fermatslibrary.com/s/decoding-the…

A great paper for your holidays reading list 📚🎁

Buffer : A colorized photo of the Fifth Solvay Conference on Electrons and Photons that took place in October of 1927. The worlds most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated Quantum Theory.

Fun fact: 17 of the 29 attendees were or eventually became Nobel Prize laureates.

Buffer : This 1585 map by Portuguese Luis Teixeira is the first document that confirms our knowledge of Earths magnetic field as a planetary effect. The lines on the map are isogones - lines of equal magnetic declination.

Buffer : Heres a curiosity: the reason why angular momentum is defined using L is most likely because of the notation for orbital angular momentum in quantum mechanics. Quantum Mechanics does influence Classical Mechanics!

Buffer : The following integers have an interesting property - they are the sum of the increasing powers of their digits taken in order:

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 89, 135, 175, 518, 598, 1306, 1676, 2427, 2646798, 12157692622039623539


Buffer : In 1955, Harry Furstenberg at the time an undergrad at Yeshiva University wrote this fascinating 1-page topological proof that there are infinitely many prime numbers.

Heres the annotated version: fermatslibrary.com/s/on-the-infin…

Buffer : When 2 wave systems traveling at oblique angles coincide it creates a dangerous pattern known by cross sea. The interaction of these waves is modeled by the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation.

Buffer : Universe


🌌 Milky Way



💫 Solar System

☀️ Sun

🌍 Earth

🏔 Mountains

🐋 Whales
👫 Humans

🐞 Ladybug

🦠 Virus

⚛️ Atoms



⚡️ Electrons
⚫️ Quarks