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Buffer : Richard Feynman found trigonometry notation to be ambiguous and confusing.

If I had sin f, it looked like s×i×n×f

So he decided to create his own notation. See below. 🧐

What do you think?

Buffer : When John Bardeen won the 1956 Nobel Prize in Physics, the Swedish king criticized him for not bringing his kids to the ceremony. He promised he would bring them the next time he won - and in 1972, he did when he became the first person to win 2 prizes in the same field.

Buffer : It took us 255 years to go from Galilean transformations for falling bodies to Lorentz transformations that are in accordance with Einsteins special relativity.

Buffer : This weeks paper is a viewpoint article titled “World Scientists Warning of a Climate Emergency” by William J. Ripple and 11.258 Scientists Signatories.

Heres the paper: fermatslibrary.com/s/world-scient…

Buffer : Fermat dies in 1665 - his last theorem is unsolved

⏳88 y

Euler proves it for n=3

⏳72 y

Legendre & Dirichlet prove it for n=5

⏳14 y

Lamé proves it for n=7

⏳69 y

Wolfskehl offers prize for solution in the next 100 years

⏳86 y

Wiles proves it 🎉

Buffer : The Williams-Kilburn tube introduced in 1947 was the first entirely electronic memory used in early computers. It used a cathode tube to store bits as dots on the screens surface. Each tube could store about 1024 bits of data.

Buffer : 377 years ago Pierre Hérigone wrote a six-volume algebra text almost entirely in symbols, in which he first proposed the use of ⊥ (perpendicular) and ∠ (angle).

Buffer : Tree Mountain is an artificial mountain near Ylöjärvi in Finland. Over a period of 4 years 11,000 people planted 11,000 trees in a specifically designed mathematical pattern based on the golden section.

The project was conceived by the artist Agnes Denes in 1984.

Buffer : This is the largest known Fibonacci number thats also prime, which is 21925 digits long and was proved prime by Mathew Steine and Bouk de Water in 2015.

Buffer : J.J. Thomson won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the electron in 1906. He was a very gifted teacher. Six of his research assistants won Nobel Prizes in Physics and two in Chemistry. Thomsons son won the Nobel Prize in Physics for showing that electrons are waves.

Buffer : A visual proof why 1+3+5+...+(2n-1)=n²


Buffer : The Munching Square:

A plot of the cells on a grid satisfying bitwise XOR(a,b) < n for consecutive values of n=1,2,3,...

Animated grid running from n = 1 to 15.

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Buffer : 1 millimeter (mm) of rain means that in that region each square millimeter has received one cubic millimeter of rain. 1 mm³/1 mm² = 1 mm

Buffer : This is the largest prime such that the first n digits are divisible by the nth prime

8 is divisible by 2
87 is divisible by 3
875 is divisible by 5

Buffer : John Von Neumann once claimed that with 4 parameters I can fit an elephant, and with 5 I can make him wiggle his trunk

This paper proves that Johns claim is true! fermatslibrary.com/s/drawing-an-e…

Buffer : Galileos original observations of Saturn in 1610: due to the lack of precision of his telescope, he predicted the ring was 2 large moons on either side of Saturn.