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Buffer : Want to try using Figma to run your team's retrospective? Grab a copy of our template here πŸ‘‰

Buffer : Happy Figma Friday! Here are some of our beloved 4-legged friends saying have a great weekend! 🐾

Buffer : The news about @Notionhq’s $800 million valuation seems like the perfect time to resurface their founding story. They haven’t always had it easy, but Ivan Zhao and Simon Last persevered & designed something great πŸ™Œ #madewithfigma

Buffer : Ivor Van Rensburg Hey Ivor, it should. Try refreshing the tab if you're not seeing it. If you're still having trouble after that please reach out to so we can take a closer look. Thanks.

Buffer : Sevan Gatsby Hey Sevan, searching assets is on our list of things to discuss, and something we know there is a demand for, so thank you for this feedback! We do appreciate our users' inquiries and value being able to track interest! πŸ™‚

Buffer : Irene Hey Irene! Anything in specific you'd like to see the touchbar being used for?

Buffer : Josiah DePaoli Hey Josiah! Bulleted lists are on our list of things to discuss, but right now there's no ETA. We do appreciate our users' inquiries and value being able to track interest, though! πŸ™‚In the meantime, you can replicate bulleted lists here:…

Buffer : Brandon Hey Brandon - Thanks for the feedback! I know this is something our design team is already discussing, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates!

Buffer : Rob Hewitt Hey Rob! These are great questions, but hard to answer in only 280 characters. Could you shoot them over to Thank you!

Buffer : πŸ” #FigmaTip: Want to fine tune the appearance of GIFs in mockups? You can use the playhead located inside the fill picker to choose the static frame to display.

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Buffer : πŸ†•: When youre editing text you can now switch between text objects in a single click instead of four.

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Buffer : Vivek Karthikeyan Hey Vivek! Could you share your file with our Support team via the in-app widget ("?" icon > "Get Help" > "Ask")? They'll be able to take a closer look there. Thanks!

Buffer : Matty O You can reach out to our Support team by clicking the in-app widget "?" icon on the bottom right hand corner, then click on "Get Help" > "Ask". Thanks!

Buffer : Retros are an important part of how teams learn, iterate, and improve. Joey Banks shows us how Figma can be used to run an effective and collaborative retro.

Buffer : Graphic Hat Hey there! Right now CMYK support is on our list of things to discuss, but right now there's no ETA. Please stay tuned with our What's New page πŸ‘‰

Buffer : Christos Kastritis Hey, Christos - that's a great idea! We'll add this to our feature request list, and if you have any more, don't hesitate to reach out via the in-app widget or by emailing Thanks!