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iPhone : CITGO Petroleum Corp store 5233 in Michigan. We just spent $75 on gas and they would not let me fill my cup with ice without charging me. Other gas stations have let me have ice and gave me the plastic cup for free too.

iPhone : Dr. P Sad to read this. Pregnancy may be uncomfortable. And you were over term. I remember needing help to tie my shoes! But to call pregnancy the “worst” is a sad comment from a physician.

iPhone : Bryan Steil So by definition your campaign will FAIL? Since you are anointed by the top echelon of Wisconsin GOP Paul Ryan & establishment. You are out of touch w/average constituents. We #Wi01 grassroots supported Polce @Nick4House, met in kitchens, knocked doors & volunteered =NOT paid staff.

iPhone : exterior. day. ray tweeting on phone: i took an oath never to tell but I wouldn’t wanna disappoint the kids. (thunder in distance) so it’s the..whats that noise? (leaves russle) “Thuuuw” (sound of blowgun) neck! It’s the...the..aghhhh!!
(footsteps running away)

iPhone : SUCCESS STORY:This Navy Veteran, Dale, was homeless akashka but overcome the obstacles! He found us at Code of Vets. Richard Anderson Rich opened his home to him & within a couple of weeks he was working full time—a fully functional member of society again! SO PROUD OF MY VETS!

iPhone : Bryan Steil We have long term (ongoing) problems in #Wi01???? You’re going to offer a real contrast... to the representative we’ve supported for years? That would be Paul Ryan? Who stepped down & endorsed you? I’m confused. Are you seriously the author of this tweet? Omg we’re doomed.

iPhone : Seems the Democrats in #Wi01 are more fired up than the Republican Steil camp. I blame Paul Ryan for causing such fragmentation on the Republican ticket! Ryan’s meddling caused tremendous animosity that’ll make unifying the district very difficult.…

iPhone : WI1ForPolce) 's Twitter Profile">WI1ForPolce @Nick4House Bryan Steil And I’m looking forward to it Blonde Mama Karin FlyGirl WI1ForPolce) 's Twitter Profile">WI1ForPolce Chantell Medic Rusty Shackelford Liberty Squirt so keep the fires of Liberty burning Red Hot❌❌❌

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iPhone : Bryan Steil Looks like you need to try to win over those of us who voted for one of other Republican candidates. If Bryce wins I place blame directly on your hubris.

iPhone : @Nick4House Bryan Steil Nick thank you for your leadership. With your help we built a web of spider silk. Ill winds were formed to blow through it. We just need to regroup and try again. Rest assured we’re here for you however you need. #WithYou