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Twitter for iPad : Talk about a cliffhanger!

Well goodnight everyone. LLAP 🖖🏻😴


Twitter for iPad : Shan Jeniah Burton Oh I totally forgot about that one! Yeah I think I might have to agree. They’re close. Psychologically this one was awful regarding the threats against his family.

Twitter for iPad : Oh Degra... I wish you had only sensed what kind of danger you were in. This was an especially brutal death scene. Most especially for Star Trek. R.I.P. Degra. 😢😔

#AllStarTrek #ENT #TheCouncil

Twitter for iPad : Xindi-Reptilians: “We are open to hearing more...”

That should’ve set off all kinds of alarm bells!!!

#AllStarTrek #ENT #TheCouncil

Twitter for iPad : Amanda Netflix France Hmmm... in the short term while you search for a solution you could either ask one of us, wait to see what it is from one of us or check the H&I website for the schedule:

Twitter for iPad : What would they ever have done without Hoshi?! I’ve always felt her abilities were the cornerstone of their success!

Unfortunately others also are noticing Hoshi’s amazing abilities here in The Council meeting.

#AllStarTrek #ENT #TheCouncil