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Hootsuite Inc. : It's peak #farmersmarket season! Get the biggest bang for your buck with these tips for saving money at the market.

Hootsuite Inc. : DYK: The use by date on a carton of milk indicates the last day the milk is guaranteed to be its best quality, not the last day the milk is useable. Taste it, dont waste it. #nofoodwaste

Hootsuite Inc. : Natural #wine. #Organic wine. Biodynamic wine. You’ve heard about them, maybe even tried some. But do you know the difference?

Hootsuite Inc. : As a 10-year-old, Haile Thomas noticed the people around her were unaware of the impact of their daily food choices. Today, at 18, she helps kids learn about how their food choices impact personal health through her nonprofit The HAPPY Organization Inc..

Hootsuite Inc. : "Trashing food happens for many reasons: We buy too much. We don’t use it in time. We forget to eat the leftovers." grist looks at the #foodwaste problem & how we can solve it:

Hootsuite Inc. : How do you make fresh corn soup even more delicious? Grill the corn to add smoky flavor, then infuse the cobs into the broth for even more corn sweetness. Get the recipe, and other tips for making the most of summers sweet corn: #nofoodwaste #cornrecipes

Hootsuite Inc. : School gardens & #farmtoschool programs help give children a connection to their food and teach them the value of fresh, nutritious produce.

Hootsuite Inc. : More than 9,000 recipients of Trump's China bailout funds, intended for farmers, live in our 50 biggest cities, including San Francisco, New York City & Los Angeles. via The New Food Economy

Hootsuite Inc. : It's Tuesday, and we're already thinking about wine for the weekend. #climatechange Make it a natural #organic bottle if you please.

Hootsuite Inc. : "Some industrial organic dairies add cheaper-to-feed, conventionally raised calves to their herds, convert them quickly to organic later. This floods the market with cheap milk, undercutting dairies that are held to a different standard." via Civil Eats

Hootsuite Inc. : Just because its the end of August doesnt mean you cant grow your own vegetables. Start radishes today & youll have them by mid-September. Get more tips for growing your vegetables here:

Hootsuite Inc. : Is the carton of milk almost done, but not quite? Instead of tossing it out, pour it into the smoothie blender:… #nofoodwaste

Hootsuite Inc. : Are you eating #vegetarian for Meatless Monday? Try one of these delicious veggie burgers. Whether you like them grillable, nutty or packed with grains, we have a recipe for you:

Hootsuite Inc. : Styrofoam has long been the go-to choice for coffee cups because the inexpensive material retains heat. It may be cheap, but it also takes more than a million years to decompose in the landfill. Learn more about the #foodprint of #singleuse coffee cups: